Dy. Secy. Zones
27-May-2017 Zone(T)-167 Sh.Mohit Goyal JE
27-May-2017 Zone(D)-19 posting & transfer of 7 no. technical & 1 no. peon employee

Dy. Secy. General (Circulars And Office Orders)
26-May-2017 GENERAL-22538 To maintain Law & Order and Harmony in Public Interest (Only Patiala District)

Principal\TTI (Office Orders of Training/Workshops)
26-May-2017 TTI-20-9982 General Letter regarding training of Forman at TTI Patiala batch no 93
26-May-2017 TTI-20-9912 General Letter regarding training of LM and ALM at TTI Patiala batch no 236

Exam Section
26-May-2017 4241-4940 Regarding postpone of MINISTERIAL and UDC General exam Session 6/2017

26-May-2017 23-2017 Collection of Mobile Number & Email Address from PSPCL custormers

Dy. Secy. Services-3

Principal\TTI (Office Orders of Training/Workshops)
26-May-2017 TTI-20-236 In house training of FM LM and ALM at TTI Patiala Batch No 236

Dy. Secy Services-2
26-May-2017 BEG-2-138 Additional Charge of Financial Advisor

Dy. Secy Personnel(Posting Transfer)
26-May-2017 personnel-15 Deputation order of Smt Pujita Khosla UDC Accounts (Code 307132)

Dy. Secy. Services-1 (Dept. Promotion Particulars)
25-May-2017 BEG6-22235 Regarding particulars for promotion of AMIE Degree holder Tech. subordinates (10.7) to AE Electrical
25-May-2017 BEG6-20538 Promotion particulars for promotion from JE 1 to AE Electrical 2017-18 Reg 10.1 Sty no. 2874-A

Chief Financial Officer (Accounts Circulars)
25-May-2017 08-2017 Collection of Electiricity Bills through Paytm- Opening of new account codes & accounting procedure

Chief Accounts Officer
25-May-2017 CFO-323 RA order
25-May-2017 CFO-322 Transfer order AAO (Accounts)
25-May-2017 CFO-321 Cancellation order
25-May-2017 CFO-319 Transfer of RA

Dy. Secy. Zones (SENIORITY LIST)
24-May-2017 Confirmat-5251 To prepare the seniority list of Circle Asstt/ARA from 1.1.16 to 31.3.17

CE/PPR (PR Circulars)
24-May-2017 1-2017 Exemption from Power Regulatory Measures for Goindwal Nucleus Complex till 31 Dec 2020

Office Orders And Circulars
24-May-2017 558-476 Allotment of vacant houses of thermal colony to officers/officeals of PSPCL&PSTCL working at Bathind

Dy. Secy Establishment-1(Office Orders And Circulars)
24-May-2017 ENG-1-238 Pre-mature retirement orders of Smt. Asha Rani Saini,Senior Asstt.
24-May-2017 ENG-1-237 Pre-mature retirement orders of Smt. Jaswinder Kaur,Senior Asstt.
24-May-2017 ENG-1-235 Sh. Chand Singh, UDC(Now Prov. Senior Asstt.)

Dy. Secy Establishment-1
24-May-2017 ENG-1-235 Sh. Chand Singh, UDC(Now Prov. Senior Asstt.)

Dy. Secy. ENG 2 (Office Orders And Circulars)
24-May-2017 22048-88 To inform the Family of the deceased regarding Job on Compassionate Grounds by Controlling Office

Dy. Secy Establishment-1(Dept. Promotion Particulars)
23-May-2017 ENG-1-3849 Regarding seniority list of un-qualified S/Typists ( Upto Seniority No. 511)

CAO/HQ (Hospitals Offering Discounts)
23-May-2017 -2119 Regarding Concession offered by the Guru Teg Bahadur Eye Hospital Patiala to PSPCL

Dy. Secy Personnel(CONTINUATION)
23-May-2017 cadre-I-489 Continuation of CE/DS West Zone Bathinda from 01-03-2016 to 28-02-2018

SE Personnel(Office Orders/Letters)
23-May-2017 DyCE-Per-197 REMINDER For ALL DDOs -To Update HR DATA of all Non-Gazetted Employees through Online HR Package.

Dy. Secy P And R (Pension Circulars)
19-May-2017 21784-829 Reminder Info. in respect of pending pension and pensionary benefit cases sought by Advoc. Gen. Pb.

LEGAL ADVISOR (Advocates On PSPCL Panel)
19-May-2017 -10 Empanelment of Adv. Tarun Vir Singh Lehal for High Court as Junior Counsel
19-May-2017 -9 Empanelment of Adv. Dhruv Pall on the panel of Supreme Court of India

Dy. Secy Personnel(Office Orders)
18-May-2017 cadre-I-488 Addendum & Corrigendum of o/o no 462 dt. 26.10.2016 (Arbitration Panel)

Dy. Secy Personnel(Miscellaneous)
18-May-2017 PMemo-452 Selection for the post of Director/finance, NEEPCL in Schedule A of CPSE