CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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14-Sep-2018CFO-9339 Option and Particular of SAS Part-1 Passed officals Session 7/2018 14-Sep-2018
24-Aug-2018CFO-8824 Reg. Service Particulars for Promotion RA to AAO(Rev.) 24-Aug-2018
20-Aug-2018CFO-593 Transfer Order of DA 20-Aug-2018
20-Aug-2018CFO-590 Transfer Order of RA 20-Aug-2018
09-Aug-2018CFO-564 Transfer Order of RA/AAO(Accounts) 09-Aug-2018
09-Aug-2018CFO-563 Transfer Order of RA 09-Aug-2018
08-Aug-2018CFO-558 Transfer Order of DA 08-Aug-2018
06-Aug-2018CFO-548 Transfer Order of DA 06-Aug-2018
06-Aug-2018CFO-547 Transfer Order of ARA 06-Aug-2018
03-Aug-2018CFO-545 Transfer Order of RA 03-Aug-2018
02-Aug-2018CFO-539 Cancelation of Transfer Order of DA 02-Aug-2018
02-Aug-2018CFO-538 Promotion orders of Divisional Accountant 02-Aug-2018
02-Aug-2018CFO-537 Transfer order of DA 02-Aug-2018
02-Aug-2018CFO-536 Promotion orders of AAO Accounts 02-Aug-2018
26-Jul-2018CFO-525 Transfer Order of RA 26-Jul-2018
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