CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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22-Aug-2019CFO-682 Additional Charge to Divisional Accountant 22-Aug-2019
20-Aug-2019CFO-677 Posting order of DA 20-Aug-2019
20-Aug-2019CFO-676 Transfer order of DA 20-Aug-2019
20-Aug-2019CFO-673 Transfer order of RA 20-Aug-2019
20-Aug-2019CFO-672 Transfer Order of RA 20-Aug-2019
14-Aug-2019CFO-665 Transfer Order of AAO Accounts 14-Aug-2019
13-Aug-2019CFO-660 Retirement Order of Sh. Jasvinder Pal Singh AAO(Accounts) 13-Aug-2019
09-Aug-2019CFO-656 Transfer order of RA 09-Aug-2019
08-Aug-2019CFO-7133 Reg. Departure/Arrival Report of RA/DA/ARA/AAO(R)/AAO(A) 08-Aug-2019
08-Aug-2019CFO-649 Promotion orders of AAO Revenue 08-Aug-2019
08-Aug-2019CFO-643 Transfer Order of RA 08-Aug-2019
06-Aug-2019CFO-641 Posting order of Sh. Vinod Kumar Sharma RA after Ex-India Leave with Substitue 09-Aug-2019
06-Aug-2019CFO-637 Promotion Order of DA to AAO 06-Aug-2019
02-Aug-2019CFO-636 Posting and Transfer Orders of Divisional Accountants 02-Aug-2019
02-Aug-2019CFO-635 Posting and Transfer Order of AAO/Accounts 02-Aug-2019
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