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29-May-2020CFO-322 Transfer Order of RA 29-May-2020
27-May-2020CFO-6399 Reg. ACR for the Year 2019/2020 for Promotion from RA to AAO(Rev.) 27-May-2020
27-May-2020CFO-314 Posting Order of RA 27-May-2020
27-May-2020CFO-313 Reg. Suspension Order of DA 27-May-2020
22-May-2020CFO-6388 Regarding ACR 22-May-2020
22-May-2020CFO-304 Additional Charge to Divisional Accountant 22-May-2020
22-May-2020CFO-302 Transfer Order of RA 22-May-2020
21-May-2020CFO-6346 Reminder Reg. Fresh Report of Disciplinary cases and Strike for Promotion from RA to AAO/Revenue 21-May-2020
19-May-2020CFO-6230 Regarding NDC of Sh. Bhushan Kumar, CAO 19-May-2020
18-May-2020CFO-296 transfer of DA 18-May-2020
18-May-2020CFO-295 Transfer Order of RA 18-May-2020
15-May-2020CFO-6138 Reg. Report of fresh disciplinary cases and Strike for promotion from RA to AAO/Revenue 15-May-2020
15-May-2020CFO-288 Reg. Retirement Order of Sh. Mangat Ram AAO(Accounts) 15-May-2020
14-May-2020CFO-290 promotion orders of AAO 14-May-2020
13-May-2020CFO-284 Posting order of RA 13-May-2020
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