O/o CAO Revenue (Office Orders And Circular)
Dated SubjectUploaded On
09-Mar-2017 168-310  Difference in figures of Trial Balance & actual collections of SKM & CSC. 09-Mar-2017
15-Feb-2017 CAORM-75  Regarding adjustment of unbilled revenue for year 2016-17 16-Feb-2017
16-Jan-2017 16-148  COMPLIANCE OF ACCOUNTS CIRCULAR NO 16/2016 16-Jan-2017
18-Feb-2016 CAORM-322  Regarding adjustment of Unbilled Revenue of annual accounts for the year 2015-16 18-Feb-2016
14-Jan-2016 RM91A-111  Proper Classification Of Assessment And Realisation In Correct Account Heads 14-Jan-2016
11-Jan-2016 DYFA1-11  Sample Letter to Bank with Sample Concerns relating to Collection Accounts 11-Jan-2016
08-Jan-2016 DYFA1-10  Revenue BRS/Reconciliation Of Collection Bank By Depositing Office 08-Jan-2016
25-Aug-2015 DyFA1-254  Payment of Electricity Bills through RTGS/NEFT. 25-Aug-2015
18-Feb-2015 CAORM-882  Regarding Unbilled Revenue for the year 2014-15 20-Feb-2015
22-Jan-2015 CAORM-146  Regarding classification of Realization of cash/collection of electricity bills. 19-Feb-2015
12-Feb-2014 CAORM-404  Regarding Unbilled Revenue for the year 2013-14 19-Feb-2015
19-Feb-2013 CAORM-279  Regarding Unbilled Revenue for the year 2012-13 19-Feb-2015
12-Sep-2012 CAORM-1240  Updation of information regarding RTI Act 2003 on website. 19-Feb-2015
20-May-2011 RM101-399  Regarding Recovery Of Consumers Defaulting Amount 19-Feb-2015
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