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30-Dec-2014 CC-60-2014  PSERC (Electricity Supply Code and Related Matters) Regulations, 2014- Standard Cost Data 31-Dec-2014
30-Dec-2014 CC-59-2014  Instructions regarding punitive actions for violation of commercial instructions 30-Dec-2014
11-Dec-2014 CC-58-2014  New schedule of tariff for Charitable Hospitals setup under persons with disabilities Act 1995. 11-Dec-2014
27-Nov-2014 CC-57-2014  Supply Code 2014 - Approval of Processing Fee. 27-Nov-2014
19-Nov-2014 CC-56-2014  Supply Code 2014. 19-Nov-2014
17-Nov-2014 CC-55-2014  Use of AB Cables for erection of Independent Feeders 17-Nov-2014
12-Nov-2014 Memo-4002-4027  Amendment no. 1 of Commercial Circular no. 53 dated 29.10.2014 13-Nov-2014
12-Nov-2014 Memo-3944-3969  Amendment no. 1 of Commercial Circular no. 52 dated 29.10.2014 13-Nov-2014
11-Nov-2014 CC-54-2014  Empanelment of firms for private sale of LT AC 3 phase wire CT Operated Static DLMS complaint 12-Nov-2014
29-Oct-2014 CC-53-2014  Empanelment of firms for private sale of 220/132/66/33/11 kV/110 volt 30-Oct-2014
29-Oct-2014 CC-52-2014  Empanelment of firms for private sale of DLMS complaint AC 30-Oct-2014
21-Oct-2014 CC-51-2014  Levy of fuel cost adjustment (FCA) surcharge for 1st quarter of FY 2014-15 22-Oct-2014
16-Oct-2014 CC-50-2014  Collection of Cross Subsidy Charges and Wheeling Charges Revision of Tariff for FY-2014-15 17-Oct-2014
16-Oct-2014 CC-49-2014  Revision of Tariff w.e.f. 01.04.2014-Regarding rebate of Rs.1/kWh (or kVAh) 17-Oct-2014
17-Sep-2014 CC-48-2014  Siting guidelines for Rice Shellers and Saila Plants 17-Sep-2014
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