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19-Jan-201804-2018 Empanelment of firms- MQP-111/2016-17/PO(M). 19-Jan-2018
19-Jan-201803-2018 Empanelment of firms MQP-108/2016-17/PO(M) 19-Jan-2018
12-Jan-2018CC02-2018 Regarding Use of Cables/conductor for erection of 11 kV Independent feeders 12-Jan-2018
04-Jan-2018CC-01-2018 Additional Surcharge on the OA Consumers for period 01.10.17 to 31.12.17 and 01.01.18 to 31.03.18 04-Jan-2018
21-Dec-201758-2017 Levy of Cow Cess on the sale of electricity 21-Dec-2017
15-Dec-20171817-21 Instructions regarding non-registration of new applications under AP metered cat. Tubewell Conns. 15-Dec-2017
12-Dec-201757-2017 Levy of Municipal Tax on consumption of electricity within the Municipal limits. 12-Dec-2017
29-Nov-2017CC56-2017 registration of Disputes/Cases and implementation of Orders of the respective settlement committee 29-Nov-2017
29-Nov-2017CC55-2017 Regarding amendment in ESIM Instructions 56.2 and 57.5 29-Nov-2017
28-Nov-20171788-92 Policy guidelines for out of turn release of AP T/w connections under AP metered category 28-Nov-2017
22-Nov-201754-2017 Levy of Municipal Tax on consumption of electricity within the Municipal limits. 22-Nov-2017
21-Nov-2017Memo-1535-1539 Metering of Rice Sheller (Seasonal Industry) on LT Side provisionally - SUSPENDED 21-Nov-2017
21-Nov-2017CC-53-2017 Shifting of AP Tubewell connection in the same piece of land in the event of failure of T/W Bore 22-Nov-2017
15-Nov-2017CC52-2017 Voluntary Disclosure Scheme for DS / NRS and SP category Consumers 15-Nov-2017
15-Nov-2017CC-51-2017 VDS for the regularisation of un-authorised extension in load of AP Tubewell consumers. 15-Nov-2017
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