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17-Jan-2019CC-02-2019 Levy of FCA surcharge of 2nd Quarter of FY-2018-19 w.e.f 01.01.19 to 31.03.19 17-Jan-2019
11-Jan-2019CC-01-2019 Free electricity supply to registered Gaushalas of Punjab 11-Jan-2019
26-Dec-201866-2018 Empanelment of firms - MQP-127/2017-18/PR 26-Dec-2018
26-Dec-201865-2018 Empanelment of firms - MQP-121/2017-18/PR 26-Dec-2018
20-Dec-2018CC-64-2018 Levy of Cow Cess on the sale of electricity 20-Dec-2018
19-Dec-2018Memo--2122 Recovery of arrears of voltage surcharge as per Supreme Court Judgments dt. 01.03.2017 & 19.06.2017. 19-Dec-2018
13-Dec-2018CC-63--2018 Implementation of kVAh Tariff and CD system for SP Industrial consumers w.e.f. 01.01.2019 13-Dec-2018
07-Dec-2018CC-62-2018 Levy of Cow Cess on the sale of electricity 07-Dec-2018
05-Dec-2018memo644-700 Regarding defending of Court Cases in various courts viz.Distt/High/Sup. Court,PSERC,APTEL,Ombudsman 05-Dec-2018
28-Nov-20182037-45 Compliance of PSERC Order in Petition no.31-Deferment of kVAh Tariff for SP 28-Nov-2018
22-Nov-2018Memo-594-619 AP Policy-Guidelines for Release of AP Tubewell Connections in the State of Punjab-Clarification 22-Nov-2018
19-Nov-2018Memo-561-585 AP Policy-Guidelines for Release of Agricultural Tubewell Connections in the State of Punjab 19-Nov-2018
14-Nov-2018memo610-614 Scope of supervision in cases where supervision charges are being paid to PSPCL 14-Nov-2018
18-Oct-2018memo587-91 Issue of meters for General Service Connections (DS/NRS). 23-Oct-2018
18-Oct-2018memo582-86 linking of Aadhaar Number to the Electricity Account Number of Consumers. 23-Oct-2018
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