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20-Mar-2017 memo139-44  Reg.providing vehicles to Chairpersons of CLDSC being appointed as per 2nd amendment 21-Mar-2017
17-Mar-2017 08-2017  Grant of Electricity concession of 200 units per month to BC DS consumers. 17-Mar-2017
23-Feb-2017 CC-06-2017  Amendment in the clause 13 (Voltage Surcharge/Rebate) of General Conditions of Tariff 23-Feb-2017
23-Feb-2017 CC7-2017  Regarding the minimum voltage levels for interfacing of NRSE Projects /CPP. 23-Feb-2017
22-Feb-2017 memo89-93  Regarding settlement of pending cases in Lok Adalats. 22-Feb-2017
14-Feb-2017 Memo-1228  Tubewell connections along-side the Canal/ Distributory priority- CC no. 48/2016 14-Feb-2017
30-Jan-2017 CC-05-2017  Empanelment of firms for private sale of 1Amp and 5 Amp DLMS complaint 3 Phase 4 wire CT/PT operated 31-Jan-2017
20-Jan-2017 CC-04-2017  FCA Surcharge for 2nd Quarter of FY 2016-17 to be levied w.e.f 01.01.2017 to 31.03.2017 20-Jan-2017
12-Jan-2017 CC3-2017  Testing of EHT(33 kV and above)CTs and PTs of consumer substation procured by consumer 12-Jan-2017
09-Jan-2017 CC-02-2017  Providing Urban Pattern Supply to Dera/Dhanies 09-Jan-2017
09-Jan-2017 1-81  Open Access LS consumers who have opted for TOD Tariff and billing thereof. 09-Jan-2017
02-Jan-2017 CC-01-2017  Release of AP T/W connection under CMD Quota-Extension in AP Policy Guidelines2016-17 02-Jan-2017
29-Dec-2016 CC-60-2016  Clarification regarding charges recoverable-Replacement of unstandard t/f installed under OYT scheme 29-Dec-2016
23-Dec-2016 CC-59-2016  Providing Urban Pattern Supply to Dera/Dhanies 23-Dec-2016
21-Dec-2016 8825-29  Release of AP t/w connecton-Chairman Discretionary Quota-Extension in AP Policy Guidelines 2016-17. 22-Dec-2016
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