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16-May-2019memo1044-46 Appeal cases against decision of various DSCs 16-May-2019
16-May-2019memo1038-43 Updation of Security (Consumption) & Security (Meter) and crediting interest to consumers 16-May-2019
14-May-2019Memo-615-619 Clarification regarding net metering guidelines for Grid interactive Roof Top SPV Plants 14-May-2019
10-May-2019250-254 Facility of free 200 units/month to SC, Non-SC BPL & BC consumers of DS category having SL upto 1 KW 10-May-2019
07-May-2019CC-22-2019 Regarding Bank Rate notified by RBI and Base Rate notified by State Bank of India as on 1.4.19. 07-May-2019
25-Apr-2019CC21-2019 Amendment in ESIM Instr-No.3.3.2reg.registration of lease/patta of land on which Tubewell connection 25-Apr-2019
23-Apr-2019memo-536-562 Regarding delay in uploading feasibility cases on Single Window System 23-Apr-2019
22-Apr-2019CC20-2019 Compliance of RPO by obligated entities as per RPO Manual 22-Apr-2019
22-Apr-2019162-187 Instructions regarding mis-use of AP Connections for Domestic/Other Purpose 23-Apr-2019
09-Apr-2019CC-19-2019 PSERC Regulations, 2019, Amend. in Open Access Regulations & inclusion of Standby Support Regulation 09-Apr-2019
08-Apr-2019CC18-2019 Revision of rates for hiring of Poles of PSPCL for laying Cable TV network 08-Apr-2019
05-Apr-2019216-220 Facility of free 200 units/month to SC, Non-SC BPL & BC consumers of DS category having SL upto 1 KW 05-Apr-2019
01-Apr-2019CC-17-2019 FCA Surcharge of 3rd Quarter of FY 2018-19 (Oct 18-Dec 18) to be levied from 1.4.19 to 30.6.19 01-Apr-2019
01-Apr-2019CC-16-2019 Continuation of existing tariff structure w.e.f. 01.04.19, as per the Tariff Order 19.04.18. 01-Apr-2019
01-Apr-2019CC-15-2019 Levy of Additional Surcharge on the Open Access Consumers for the period 01.04.19 to 30.09.19 01-Apr-2019
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