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15-Nov-2017CC52-2017 Voluntary Disclosure Scheme for DS / NRS and SP category Consumers 15-Nov-2017
15-Nov-2017CC-51-2017 VDS for the regularisation of un-authorised extension in load of AP Tubewell consumers. 15-Nov-2017
10-Nov-2017Memo-1484-1488 Option for Seasonal Ind. Consumers to submit their revised option for the season period for 2017-18 10-Nov-2017
10-Nov-2017CC-50-2017 Open Access Charges for FY 2017-18 10-Nov-2017
10-Nov-2017CC-49-2017 Reduced energy charges for FY 2017-18 for SP and LS/MS consumers above the threshold limit. 10-Nov-2017
10-Nov-2017CC-48-2017 Time of Day (TOD) tariff for FY 2017-18 10-Nov-2017
10-Nov-2017CC-47-2017 Revision of General Condition of Tariff and Schedule of Tariff for FY 2017-18 10-Nov-2017
10-Nov-2017CC-46-2017 Tariff structure for FY 2017-18 as per Tariff order dated 23.10.2017 & 09.11.2017 10-Nov-2017
08-Nov-201745-2017 Grant of electricity concession of 300 units per month to Freedom Fighters of Punjab. 09-Nov-2017
30-Oct-2017Memo-3424-3575 Collection of Online Payments through RTGS/NEFT. 30-Oct-2017
27-Oct-2017memo710-716 Regarding fixed charges for Indl. connections in designated industrial areas 27-Oct-2017
26-Oct-2017Memo-1215-1219 Refund to OA consumers for consumption above threshold limit - CC 31/2016 26-Oct-2017
13-Oct-2017Memo-1190-1194 Metering of Rice Sheller (Seasonal Industry) on LT Side provisionally. 13-Oct-2017
13-Oct-201744-2017 Empanelment of firms for private sale of 11KV pilfer resistant metering panels (CT PT units), with a 13-Oct-2017
12-Oct-2017CC43-2017 ELECTRICITY SUPPLY INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL-2017 (ESIM-2017). 13-Oct-2017
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