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14-Mar-2019Memo-143 Assessment of expected connected load / demand in residential colonies / complexes 14-Mar-2019
14-Mar-2019CC-14-2019 PSERC (Harnessing of Captive Power Generation) (1st Amendment) Regulation-2019. 14-Mar-2019
08-Mar-2019memo-832-39 Directions given by Ombudsman, Electricity, Punjab regarding installation of LT CT operated energy 11-Mar-2019
08-Mar-2019818-25 OTS Scheme for Rural Water Supply Connections of DWSS 08-Mar-2019
07-Mar-2019CC-13-2019 Facility of free 200 units/month to SC, Non-SC BPL & BC consumers of DS category having SL upto 1 KW 07-Mar-2019
07-Mar-201965-812-16 Granting of Feasibility Clearance by Dy.CE/PBIP through Invest Punjab Business First Online Portal. 07-Mar-2019
01-Mar-2019Memo-135-139 Submission of Self Declaration for availing 200 units/ month free by SC, Non-SC BPL, BC consumers 02-Mar-2019
28-Feb-2019memo795-781 Implementation of amended Reg-31.5 regarding payment above Rs.50, 000 in digital mode from 01/07/19. 28-Feb-2019
22-Feb-2019CC-12-2019 Regarding Change in billing cycle of large supply consumers of Border and West Zone. 22-Feb-2019
21-Feb-2019memo614-774 Regarding defending of Court Cases in various courts 22-Feb-2019
21-Feb-2019CC-11-2019 200 units per month free to SC, Non-SC BPL & BC consumers (DS) with S.L. up to 1 KW 22-Feb-2019
18-Feb-2019CC10-2019 Regarding issue of Printed Electricity Supply Instructions Manual-2018 (updated upto 30/06/2018). 18-Feb-2019
18-Feb-2019CC09-2019 PSERC(Electricity Supply Code and Related Matters) (5th Amendment) Regulation-2019 18-Feb-2019
13-Feb-2019CC08-2019 Regarding levy of fixed charges for billing of consumers. 13-Feb-2019
13-Feb-2019CC07-2019 Regarding Testing/Checking the accuracy of Meters- Amendment of ESIM instruction no. 59.1 13-Feb-2019
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