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20-Jul-2017 1540-44  Release of t/w conn. to the applicants who have made compliance of D.N. from 05.01.17 to 11.01.17 20-Jul-2017
18-Jul-2017 CC-33-2017  Regarding Supervision Charges on the Labour 18-Jul-2017
17-Jul-2017 memo534-538  Amendment-cum-correction in Commercial Circular No. 32/2017 dt. 13/7/17 17-Jul-2017
13-Jul-2017 CC32-2017  Facility of payment of Current Elecy Bills in installments upto due date by all categories of Consum 13-Jul-2017
11-Jul-2017 CC-30-2017  Levy of Additional Surcharge on the Open Access Consumers for period 01.04. 2017 to 30.09.2017 11-Jul-2017
11-Jul-2017 CC-29-2017  Levy of FCA Surcharge for 4th Quarter of FY 2016-17 to be levied w.e.f. 01.07.2017 to 30.09.2017 11-Jul-2017
11-Jul-2017 31-2017  Issue of first bill for Release of New Electricity Connection/Extension having Load upto 20 kw 11-Jul-2017
06-Jul-2017 CC-28-2017  Abolition of Octroi on consumption of electricity. 06-Jul-2017
04-Jul-2017 Memo-153-157  Recovery of pending defaulting amount of SC/BPL DS Consumers having SL upto 1 KW availing free units 04-Jul-2017
29-Jun-2017 CC27-2017  Amendment in the CCHP notification no. PSERC/Secy./Regu-121 dt 14.6.17 29-Jun-2017
28-Jun-2017 memo482-86  Regarding filing FIR 28-Jun-2017
14-Jun-2017 PB-22-2017  Public Notice for inviting objections/suggestions in Petition No. 22 of 2017 filed by PSPCL. 14-Jun-2017
07-Jun-2017 memo452-456  Competent Authority for review of the arrears debited at the behest of the audit or pertaining to th 07-Jun-2017
07-Jun-2017 CC26-2017  Regarding Bank Rate notified by RBI and Base Rate notified by State Bank of India as on 1.4.17 07-Jun-2017
06-Jun-2017 25-2017  Empanelment of firms for private sale of ISI marked LT AC 3- Phase 06-Jun-2017
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