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24-Apr-2018CC-30-2018 Introduction of special tariff for use of electricity exclusively during night hours for LS/MS. 24-Apr-2018
24-Apr-2018CC-29-2018 Option for Seasonal Industry including Maize Dryer & Food processing units for FY 2018-19 24-Apr-2018
24-Apr-2018CC-28-2018 Open Access Charges for FY 2018-19. 24-Apr-2018
24-Apr-2018CC-27-2018 Introduction of CD and kVAh Tariff for the NRS (above 20kW) , all SP and other consumers above 20kW. 24-Apr-2018
24-Apr-2018CC-26-2018 Reduced energy charges for FY 2018-19 for LS,MS&SP consumers who consume power above the threshold. 24-Apr-2018
24-Apr-2018CC-25-2018 Time of Day (TOD) tariff for FY 2018-19 24-Apr-2018
24-Apr-2018CC-24-2018 Revision of General Conditions of Tariff and Schedules of Tariff for FY 2018-19 24-Apr-2018
24-Apr-2018CC-23-2018 Tariff structure for FY 2018-19 as per Tariff order issued by PSERC applicable w.e.f. 01.04.2018. 24-Apr-2018
19-Apr-201822-2018 Levy of Cow Cess on the sale of electricity 19-Apr-2018
18-Apr-2018CC-21-2018 Levy of FCA Surcharge for 3rd Quarter of FY 2017-18. 18-Apr-2018
13-Apr-2018CC-20-2018 AP Policy Guidelines for release of AP tubewell connections in the State of Punjab 13-Apr-2018
13-Apr-2018190-94 Extension in Demand Notice of AP applicants 13-Apr-2018
11-Apr-2018CC19-2018 Revised Agreement and rates for hiring of Poles of PSPCL 11-Apr-2018
05-Apr-2018CC-18-2018 Levy of Additional Surcharge on the Open Access Consumers for the period 01.04.2018 to 30.09.2018. 05-Apr-2018
28-Mar-2018CC-17-2018 Levy of Additional Surcharge on the Open Access Consumers for period 01.01.2018 to 31.03.2018. 28-Mar-2018
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