CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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Dated SubjectUploaded On
27-Feb-2018245-84 Half day on 27.2.2018 27-Feb-2018
05-Feb-2018148-88 Half day on 5.2.2018 05-Feb-2018
17-Jan-201866-101 Second Half holiday declared on 17-01-2018 17-Jan-2018
08-Dec-201751226-86 To dispense with the disciplinary/inquiry cases 08-Dec-2017
11-Sep-2017746-785 Holiday on Date 12-09-2017 11-Sep-2017
12-Jul-201742886-43736 Revised Dental Treatment Advanced Technology Rates 14-Jul-2017
24-Apr-2017344-78 Regarding Duties/Responsibilities of all HOD 24-Apr-2017
12-Apr-2017288-323 Transfer Portal 14-Apr-2017
28-Mar-2017215-250 remaning part of holiday on 28-3-17 28-Mar-2017
19-Jan-201751-90 Gaz Holidays of 2017 19-Jan-2017
30-Nov-20161095-1135 Holiday on 1-12-2016 30-Nov-2016
18-Nov-20161033-72 General Elections to the State Legislative Assesmblies of Goa uahipur, punjab, Uttarakhand and utta 18-Nov-2016
25-Oct-2016961-1000 shifting of holiday 25-Oct-2016
09-Sep-2016811-839 shifting of holiday 09-Sep-2016
06-Jul-2016630-665 shifting of holiday 06-Jul-2016
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