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01-Apr-2020Email-1 Regarding removal of obsolete data and updation of latest data on PSPCL Website 01-Apr-2020
04-Mar-2020992-992 Verification of invoices against tenders published on e-tendering portal of M/s GePNIC 04-Mar-2020
12-Feb-2020DIT-1007-617 Requirement of IT Hardware items by various offices of PSPCL. 12-Feb-2020
17-Jan-2020DIT-1024-272 Regarding Usage of E-tendering portal of GePNIC 17-Jan-2020
01-Jan-202019-1024 Training regarding usage of e-tendering portal of M/s GePNIC 01-Jan-2020
20-Dec-2019670-670 Work Order for Implementation of GePNIC Portal as e-tendering partner in PSPCL 06-Jan-2020
05-Dec-201916215-16215 Migration to new e-tendering portal 05-Dec-2019
31-Oct-201915592-98 Existing E-tendering services extended till 30.11.2019 31-Oct-2019
14-Oct-201915283-15324 Asset Detail of Computer Hardware 14-Oct-2019
19-Sep-201914875-81 Extension of existing e-tendering portal till 31.10.2019 19-Sep-2019
10-Sep-201914528-1024 Implementation of GePNIC 10-Sep-2019
22-Aug-201914200-14241 All EICs/CEs/CAOs/HODs- Information regarding offices located under your administrative control 22-Aug-2019
14-Aug-201914105-1024 Regarding Implementation of GePNIC in PSPCL as e-tendering portal 14-Aug-2019
14-May-2019DIT-705-11040 Development of PSPCL website in Punjabi Language 14-May-2019
05-Apr-20199751-9754 Utilization of Spare SBMs - No progress thereof. 05-Apr-2019
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