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12-Jul-2017 ISP-2  Workshop on Information Security 12-Jul-2017
08-May-2017 DIT-699  Training of e-tendering on 15.5.17 08-May-2017
25-Jan-2017 1-1  National Voters Day Oath Ceremony 26-Jan-2017
29-Nov-2016 DIT688-5809  Issuing Dot Matrix Printer to Comm. Sub Divisions 02-Dec-2016
01-Jun-2016 DIT666-117  SAP Training for the Enforcement Wing of PSPCL 01-Jun-2016
14-Mar-2016 DIT-666-65  CRM Module training 14-Mar-2016
10-Mar-2016 DIT-666-61  Master Training at Hyderabad from 16th-18th March 2016 11-Mar-2016
02-Mar-2016 DIT-666-54  SAP Training 02-Mar-2016
18-Jan-2016 DIT666-23  Master Training Programme (Training Of Trainers) 18-Jan-2016
08-Jan-2016 DIT-666-287  Sap Training for Audit party 08-Jan-2016
04-Jan-2016 DIT-666-11  Master Training Programme at IIT Roorkee from 11th -13th Jan,2016 05-Jan-2016
04-Dec-2015 DIT-666-246  SAP Training For CEs On 09-Dec-2015 04-Dec-2015
03-Dec-2015 Training-245  SAP Training 03-Dec-2015
26-Nov-2015 Training-240  SAP Training scheduled on 28.11.15 26-Nov-2015
24-Nov-2015 training-237  Master Training Pragramme at REMI Mumbai from 26th -28th Nov,2015 24-Nov-2015
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