CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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05-Mar-2018mqp111-6 Empanelment of 3 Phase 4 Wire Whole current meters 05-Mar-2018
05-Mar-2018mqp108-5 Empanelment of LT Ring Type, Resin cast, Metering Current Transformers (CTs) of ratio 100/5 05-Mar-2018
15-Dec-2017TOD-58 Petition no.47 of 2017 15-Dec-2017
23-Oct-2017TOD-58 Public Notices Extention 23-Oct-2017
10-Oct-2017TOD-58 Public Notices 10-Oct-2017
08-Aug-2017TOD-58 Petition No. 47 of 2017 10-Oct-2017
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