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24-Mar-2017 3261-82  Group Insuarance Personel Accident Claim Office Order No.02 dt 24/03/2017 24-Mar-2017
20-Mar-2017 1876-3095  Regularization of PSEB Emp Fed AITUC Punjab Dharna period dt 27-10-16 21-Mar-2017
20-Mar-2017 564-1775  Regularization of PSEB Emp Joint Forum Dharna period dt 20 & 21-10-16 21-Mar-2017
24-Jan-2017 202-6  Instruction Regarding Agitation Notice by TSU(Regd.) 25-Jan-2017
26-Dec-2016 8294-8333  Regarding information about employees paticipated in AITUC Dharna dt 27-10-16 26-Dec-2016
26-Dec-2016 8254-8293  Regarding information about employees paticipated in JF Dharna dt 20&21-10-16 26-Dec-2016
23-Dec-2016 5-5  Amendment in Standing Committee constituted for Union matters. 23-Dec-2016
20-Dec-2016 8026-45  Group Insuarance Personel Accident Claim Office Order No.04 dt 20/12/2016 23-Dec-2016
29-Nov-2016 7840-7889  Regarding withdrawl of Dharna dt.29-Nov-2016 by Joint Forum 29-Nov-2016
19-Nov-2016 7564-7610  Instructions regarding Agitation Programme by PSEB Joint Forum 19-Nov-2016
19-Nov-2016 7615-65  Instructions regarding Agitation Program by Punjab Power Engineers Association 19-Nov-2016
11-Nov-2016 7511-7555  Instructions regarding Dharna by Aituc dt.27-10-16 11-Nov-2016
26-Oct-2016 7147-7187  Very Urgent for All EICs/CEs/GMs/HODs, PSPCL-Regarding Aituc 27 oct dharna 26-Oct-2016
19-Oct-2016 7020-7063  Instructions regarding dharna dt.20&21-10-16 before head office by Joint Forum 19-Oct-2016
23-Sep-2016 6676-6728  Reagrding action taken report against participants of dharna dt 09.09.16 26-Sep-2016
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