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20-Mar-20201172-1283 Instructions regarding Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act-1970 20-Mar-2020
17-Mar-20201294-1313 Cancellation of Scheduled Meetings to be held with Various Emp Union dt 18/03/20& 20/03/20 17-Mar-2020
12-Mar-2020901-57 Regarding Strike on 19.03.2020 12-Mar-2020
12-Mar-20201013-1173 Regarding strike on 19.3.2020 12-Mar-2020
04-Mar-2020835-887 Strike by PSEB JOINT FORUM on 19.03.2020 05-Mar-2020
25-Feb-2020702-53 Regarding Action Taken Report of Meeting dated 24/10/2019 25-Feb-2020
25-Feb-2020638-701 Regarding Self Declartion Form (Last Reminder) 25-Feb-2020
01-Jan-202002-51 Regarding Token strike dated 08.01.2020 01-Jan-2020
27-Dec-201912835-985 Regarding Strike on 8.1.2020(3) 27-Dec-2019
27-Dec-201912785-834 Regarding Strike on 08.01.20 27-Dec-2019
27-Dec-201912635-684 Regarding Strike on 08.01.20 (2) 27-Dec-2019
23-Dec-201912537-86 Instructions Regarding Agitation Program by TSU & Others 24-Dec-2019
19-Dec-201912422-12522 Instructions Regarding Agitation Program by PSEB Employees Jt Forum on 03/12/19, 04/12/19& 05/12/19 19-Dec-2019
17-Dec-201911253-11310 Regarding deduction of pay because of dharna by joint forum 17-Dec-2019
17-Dec-201911195-11252 Regarding deduction of pay in HO because of dharna by PSEB EMP JOINT FORUM 17-Dec-2019
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