CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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08-Jan-2019CA-14 Promotion orders of Circle Assistant/ARA to Internal Auditor 09-Jan-2019
08-Jan-2019CA-13 Posting Order of Senior Assistants 08-Jan-2019
07-Jan-2019CA-10 Transfer order of IA 07-Jan-2019
02-Jan-2019CA-6 Transfer order of IA 02-Jan-2019
31-Dec-2018CA-349 Transfer order of IA 31-Dec-2018
07-Dec-2018CA-334 Transfer order of IA 07-Dec-2018
08-Oct-2018CA-7246 Re-employment as Peon on contract basis amongst retired Peon 08-Oct-2018
05-Oct-2018CA-280 Promotion/ Posting Orders of Internal Auditors 05-Oct-2018
03-Oct-2018CA-271 Promotion/ Posting Orders of Circle Assistant 03-Oct-2018
01-Oct-2018CA-275 Regarding cancellation of transfer order of 2 no. IAs 01-Oct-2018
01-Oct-2018CA-274 Regarding transfer order of Sh. Rahul Singla, UDC 01-Oct-2018
01-Oct-2018CA-273 Regarding Transfer order of 2 no. IAs 01-Oct-2018
30-Aug-2018CA-239 Posting Order of IA 30-Aug-2018
24-Jul-2018CA-216 Transfer Orders of IA 24-Jul-2018
19-Jul-2018CA-208 Transfer Orders of IA 19-Jul-2018
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