CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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14-Sep-2017 CA-174  Amendment in o/o 156 dtd 11.8.17 regarding promotion/posting/transfer of IA 14-Sep-2017
11-Aug-2017 CA-156  Amendment in o/o 151 dtd 7.8.17 regarding promotion/posting/transfer of IA 11-Aug-2017
07-Aug-2017 CA-151  Promotion Order of IA 08-Aug-2017
08-Jun-2017 CA-114  Transfer Orders of IA 08-Jun-2017
27-Apr-2017 CA-78  Posting Order of Internal Auditor under CRA 286/15 27-Apr-2017
20-Apr-2017 CA-72  Regarding extension in the contract period of retired Internal Auditor 20-Apr-2017
20-Apr-2017 CA-70  Transfer Orders of IA 20-Apr-2017
17-Mar-2017 CA-49  Regarding date of submission of documents & DOJ for candidates for the post of IA Under CRA 286/15 17-Mar-2017
12-Jan-2017 CA-8  Postponed the date of submission of documents and the date of joining aganist CRA 286/15 IA 13-Jan-2017
28-Dec-2016 CA-235  Transfer Order of UDC 28-Dec-2016
15-Dec-2016 CA-224  Transfer Orders of IA 16-Dec-2016
14-Dec-2016 CA-223  Transfer Orders of IA 16-Dec-2016
25-Nov-2016 CA-216  Promotion Order of IA 25-Nov-2016
23-Nov-2016 CA-215  Transfer Orders of IA 24-Nov-2016
18-Nov-2016 CA-208  Transfer Orders of IA 21-Nov-2016
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