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24-Dec-20187024-7549 National and Gazetted Holidays For Technical and Non-Technical Staff 24-Dec-2018
09-Jul-201835-4673 duties alloted to CWO and LWO Regarding refund of inspection charges 09-Jul-2018
04-Jul-20184112-4362 DUTIES OF AM/IRs,LWOs and ALWOs 04-Jul-2018
04-Jul-201834-4382 Regarding duties alloted to AM/IR Sonika 04-Jul-2018
04-Jul-201833-4374 Regarding duties alloted to DM/IR Ranbir Singh AND AM/IR Ranjit kaur 04-Jul-2018
26-Jun-20183810-4060 ESI RELATED INFORMATION 26-Jun-2018
20-Jun-20182579-2829 ID Card Related instructions dt 8.5.2018 20-Jun-2018
29-May-20183023-3523 Regarding reduction of administrative charges 29-May-2018
20-Apr-201827-2443 committee regarding amendment of Standing Orders 20-Apr-2018
11-Apr-201826-1858 Committee regarding regularisation/promotion of workcharge/special contingent and other categories 12-Apr-2018
06-Feb-2018243-1243 Regarding Missing of IRO - 331 (LOOSE) 06-Feb-2018
08-Jan-201827-37 Office order regarding committee formation 10-Jan-2018
28-Dec-20177060-7585 National and Gazetted Holidays for Technical and Non Technical Staff 28-Dec-2017
27-Dec-20177042-7051 Committee regarding the payment of wages to the Contractual Workers. 27-Dec-2017
20-Dec-20176932-6992 Committee regarding promotion of Workcharge and other categories 20-Dec-2017
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