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01-Oct-20194557-4867 Regarding grant of overtime to JE Substation and SSAs on probation 01-Oct-2019
25-Sep-20194644-4684 Regarding participation of retired officials from union side in meetings with PSPCL management 25-Sep-2019
25-Jul-20194080-4194 Instructions regarding transfers of contract based Meter Readers,Bill distributors and Cashiers . 25-Jul-2019
27-Jun-20193653-3823 Reduction in rate of ESI Contribution - Ammendment in rule 51 of ESI(central)rules 1950 27-Jun-2019
26-Jun-20193642-3752 Regarding grant of monthly wages to ALM recruited under CRA- 289/16 during their probation period 26-Jun-2019
13-Jun-20193555-3561 Formation of committee regarding review of process of Re-imbursement of Medical Bills. 13-Jun-2019
28-May-20192841-3391 Regarding Deduction of EPF Employer Share from Pensionary Benefits of the Retiree 28-May-2019
09-May-20192117-2367 Regarding relaxation in work alloted to Cooperative Labour And Construction Societies by Pb. Govt. 14-May-2019
22-Mar-2019989-1180 compliance of labour laws regarding CHB contractors workers and orher contractor workers under vario 22-Mar-2019
22-Feb-2019404-753 Instruction for collecting ID Card 22-Feb-2019
24-Dec-20187024-7549 National and Gazetted Holidays For Technical and Non-Technical Staff 24-Dec-2018
09-Jul-201835-4673 duties alloted to CWO and LWO Regarding refund of inspection charges 09-Jul-2018
04-Jul-20184112-4362 DUTIES OF AM/IRs,LWOs and ALWOs 04-Jul-2018
04-Jul-201834-4382 Regarding duties alloted to AM/IR Sonika 04-Jul-2018
04-Jul-201833-4374 Regarding duties alloted to DM/IR Ranbir Singh AND AM/IR Ranjit kaur 04-Jul-2018
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