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11-Sep-2017 3316-3316  Information regarding GH 28.861 fr the Year 2015-16 & 2016-17 11-Sep-2017
19-Jul-2017 2947-2947  Regarding on line payment of commoutation and gratuity 19-Jul-2017
16-Jun-2017 2199-2202  Regarding preparation of Balance sheet for the 2016-17 16-Jun-2017
14-Jun-2017 1940-2137  Regarding payment of commutaion and gratuity 14-Jun-2017
02-Jun-2017 1811-1820  Regarding preparation of Balance sheet for the 2016-17 02-Jun-2017
05-May-2017 1658-1921  Regarding double family pension 05-May-2017
03-May-2017 3051-3303  Regarding finalisation balance sheet 2016-17 03-May-2017
17-Apr-2017 2436-2686  Regarding finalisation of balance sheet 2016-17 17-Apr-2017
10-Apr-2017 2058-2308  Regarding submission of GPF Debit Credit Certificate 2016-17 10-Apr-2017
07-Apr-2017 968-1168  Regarding balance sheet 2016-17 07-Apr-2017
16-Dec-2016 9694-9711  Instruction to be followed by BBMB,UT and other departments regarding soft copy of schedule. 16-Dec-2016
19-Aug-2016 6800-6817  Instructions to be followed by BBMB, UT and other department regarding soft copy of schedule. 19-Aug-2016
24-May-2016 4838-5038  Regarding Gpf debit credit schedule for the Year 2015-16 24-May-2016
12-May-2016 1899-1899  Regarding of IUT Bills March 2016 12-May-2016
11-May-2016 3487-3737  Regarding debit/credit GPF schedule for the year 2015-16 11-May-2016
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