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18-Apr-201925265-25334 Renaming the post of LDC (Typist) as LDC and amendment in the qualification of LDC and Stenotypist 24-Apr-2019
10-Apr-201922567-23217 Regarding Scholarship to Board employees Children 10-Apr-2019
01-Mar-201916713-16763 Regarding promotion/ Regularization of Diff. Categories of Thermal 05-Mar-2019
18-Feb-2019225-239 Regarding Promotion of RTM/Work-charge/Special Contigent to ALM 18-Feb-2019
18-Feb-2019150-210 Missing Compassionate Job Case of Sh. Mohit Sinduja S/o Late Sh. Ramesh Sinduja, JE 18-Feb-2019
12-Feb-201912092-728 Regarding Promotion of RTM/Work-charge/Special Contigent to ALM 13-Feb-2019
04-Jan-20191836-2436 Clarification Regarding conducting Type Test of UDC and release of salary 04-Jan-2019
03-Jan-2019154-94 Regarding putting up of the Foreign Leave cases to the competent authority 04-Jan-2019
01-Jan-20190-3 Regarding promotion channel of JE testing and JE Communication to AAE Testing and AAE Communication 17-Jan-2019
11-Dec-201854317-54367 Regarding Promotion Channel of Foreman to Special Foreman 11-Dec-2018
04-Dec-201853791-53841 Regarding Solatium Cases information 04-Dec-2018
20-Nov-201851815-53015 Regarding Promotion of RTM/WC/Spl. Contigent to ALM 20-Nov-2018
26-Sep-201845366-45414 Regarding Solatium Cases information 26-Sep-2018
20-Sep-20184078-4079 SLP(C) No. 19807-19808 24-Sep-2018
17-Sep-201844317-44867 Solatium Cut off date extension till 6 months i.e. 16.03.19 from the date of issue of instructions 17-Sep-2018
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