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08-Sep-2017 38895-989  RTI Sourav Sharma Deceased Employee during 23.11.04 to 16.4.10 11-Sep-2017
08-Sep-2017 38887-91  Impact of Recruiting Graduate Eng. in the cadre of JE Poor HR planning- Review Request 14-Sep-2017
06-Sep-2017 595-646  Computer Course/ Type Condition in the compassionate appointment as LDC(Typist) /UDC (Gen)/ (Acc.) 06-Sep-2017
02-Aug-2017 31673-31699  Missing File 16234 Sh. Gurpreet Singh S/o Late Sh. Satnam Singh L.M D.O.D 12.03.2014 02-Aug-2017
28-Jul-2017 31560-31610  Regarding payment of solatium under Policy Instructions to those who have refused to accept it 28-Jul-2017
24-May-2017 22048-88  To inform the Family of the deceased regarding Job on Compassionate Grounds by Controlling Office 24-May-2017
12-May-2017 20051-950  regarding Sportsman Scholarship to the wards of the PSPCL Employees 12-May-2017
09-May-2017 19716-55  Instructions of Probation Period by Finance Section in the cases of compassionate appointment 11-May-2017
23-Feb-2017 9916-9968  Upto date incumbency of the Employees appointed on compassionate grounds (except class-4) 23-Feb-2017
29-Nov-2016 59227-59267  Compassionate Appointment Missing File ENG-7(1)17097 Mandeep Singh S/o late Balwant Singh RA 29-Nov-2016
03-Oct-2016 103-0  Amendment in Regu No. 9 Sr. No. 5,6 of Tech Serv Class-3 Reg 1996 Direct Recruitment of ALM/LM 03-Oct-2016
09-Aug-2016 45354-46104  Regardin Service and Pay Conditions of appointements on Compassionate Grounds. 10-Aug-2016
04-May-2016 0-45  Amendment in Clause No. 9 of Tech Serv Class-3 Regulation1996 Regarding Direct Recruitment of EG-II 04-May-2016
03-Mar-2016 13553-14452  Regarding Scholarship to the children of PSPCL Employees 08-Mar-2016
18-Jan-2016 000-0  Compassionate Employment Decelartion Performa 18-Jan-2016
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