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15-May-2018371-11355 Amendment in the office order no.333 dt 7.5.18 16-May-2018
15-May-2018370-11355 Amendment in the office order no.339 dt 7.5.18 16-May-2018
07-May-2018339-11355 suspension office order of Sh. Jagjiwan Singh, AO 07-May-2018
07-May-2018338-11355 Amendment in the office order no.333 dt 7.5.18 07-May-2018
07-May-2018333-11355 suspension office order of Er. Inderjit Singh, ASE (105487) 07-May-2018
23-Feb-2018151-11312 Suspension order Er. Narinder Kumar Jindal, ASE (Code No. 105259) 23-Feb-2018
02-Aug-2017480-11227 Suspension Order of Er Satpreet Singh, AE (9209) 02-Aug-2017
19-Apr-2017194-9569 Office Order-Sh. Sukhdev Singh, ARA 25-Apr-2017
03-Feb-201764-8968 Office Order Er. Rupinderpal Singh, AEE (Code No. 106674) 03-Feb-2017
10-Jan-201726-11065 Suspension Order Er. Sukhdev Singh, AE (Code No. 109066) 10-Jan-2017
28-Dec-2016861-10757 Office Order- Sh. Hardip Singh, Divnl. Supdt. Now Circle Supdt. 28-Dec-2016
15-Dec-2016831-11050 Suspension Order Er. Paramjit Singh, AE (Code No. 109298) 15-Dec-2016
14-Dec-2016830-10272 Office Order- Er.Jagtar Singh, ASE (Code No. 104249) 20-Dec-2016
09-Nov-2016774-9569 Office Order- Er.Hardev Singh, JE, Retd. 10-Nov-2016
27-Oct-2016747-10666 Enquiry office order Er. Avtar Singh, Sr.Xen & Others 28-Oct-2016
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