O/o Dy. Secy. Technical 3 (Office Orders And Circulars)
Dated SubjectUploaded On
15-May-2017 239-11173  Suspension Order Er. Balbir Singh o/o 239/D-11173 dt. 15.5.2017 15-May-2017
19-Apr-2017 190-11150  Suspension order of Er. Shashi Pal AE (9534) 19-Apr-2017
07-Mar-2017 128-9570  Cancellation of office order no 643/D-9570/T-3 dated 14.10.15 07-Mar-2017
29-Nov-2016 816-11036  Suspensin Order of Sh. Ram Kishan JE 29-Nov-2016
29-Nov-2016 815-11036  Suspension Order of Er Ravinderpal Singh AE Tech.-2 Unit Ludhiana 29-Nov-2016
18-Nov-2016 797-11013  Suspension Order of Sh. Ranjit Singh JE (298216) 18-Nov-2016
18-Nov-2016 796-11013  Suspension order of Er. Sukhdev Raj AE (108904) 18-Nov-2016
20-Sep-2016 640-10962  Suspension Order Er. Darshan AE Code 108007 20-Sep-2016
08-Sep-2016 613-10950  suspension order of Er.Naveet Gupta AE 08-Sep-2016
07-Sep-2016 610-10949  Suspension Order of Er Ram Gopal S D Kahnoowan 07-Sep-2016
08-Aug-2016 531-10906  Suspension of Er. Prem Singh AE (Code 109678) 09-Aug-2016
20-Jan-2016 48-10773  Suspension Order of Er Ram Gopal S D Kahnoowan 20-Jan-2016
19-Jan-2016 48-10773  Suspension order of Er. Ram Gopal AE, SDO Kahnuwan 20-Jan-2016
31-Dec-2015 873-10660  O/o 873 Sh. Palwinder Singh UDC ID No. 235723 04-Jan-2016
31-Dec-2015 872-10660  O/o 872 Er. Upinder Singh AE Code 108894 04-Jan-2016
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