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15-May-20199968-442 Reg.decision of CSNo.177 Dt. 25.4.13-Sh. Darminder Kumar Divnl.Acctt.(ID 294673) 23-May-2019
15-May-20199968-441 Reg.decision of CS No. 02 Dt.9.1.14-Er.H.S.Dhailiwal,Sr.Xen(Code 104406) 23-May-2019
15-May-20199968-440 Reg.decision of SCN No.179 Dt.25.4.13-Er.Mohan Lal Garg,CE(102661) now Retd. 23-May-2019
10-May-2019D-9968-434 Decision of CS No.178 Dt. 25.4.13-Sh.Kamaljit Singh Divnl.Acctt.(ID No. 271946) 10-May-2019
25-Apr-2019D-9170-367 Implementation of Courts Order in respect of Er. Rajinder Pal Randhawa, Dy.CE now Retd.(Code 102680) 25-Apr-2019
24-Apr-2019D-10919-353 Decision of SCN No. 323 Dt. 1.9.16-Er. Amrik Singh Virdi ASE now SE (Code 103828) 25-Apr-2019
23-Apr-2019D-11207-351 Reg.decision of CS No.194 Dt.24.08.18-Er.Jagvir Goyal EIC Retd.(Code 102901) 24-Apr-2019
23-Apr-2019D-10539-349 Reg.regularisation of suspension period 11.12.14 to 27.02.15 of Er.Kamaljit Singh, ASE(Code 105888) 24-Apr-2019
23-Apr-2019D-10539-348 Reg.regularisation of suspension period 11.12.14 to 03.03.15 of Er.Jasbir Singh A.E.E.(Code 105826) 24-Apr-2019
23-Apr-2019D-10449-347 Reg.amendment of suspension period 19.06.14 to 19.08.14 of Er.Harinderjit Singh A.A.E. 24-Apr-2019
02-Apr-2019D-9632-323 Regarding regularization Suspension Period of Er. Sukhwinder Singh Addl.SE(Code No. 105024) 04-Apr-2019
28-Mar-2019D-10994-278 Reg.decision of SCNs of Er. Devinder Kumar,Dy.CE(Code 104134) & others 28-Mar-2019
28-Mar-2019D-10360-280 Reg. revised punishment in respect of O/O No.554 Dt. 12.07.2018-Sh. Mukhwinder Singh HDM(270154) 29-Mar-2019
25-Mar-2019D-10707-267 Reg. amendment in O/O No. 518 Dt. 13.07.2018-Er. Ramesh Lal , AAE now AE(Code 110192) 25-Mar-2019
08-Mar-2019D-10707-241 Reg. regularization of suspension period of Er. Ramesh Lal, AAE now AE 08-Mar-2019
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