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19-Jun-2018D-9811-476 Regarding issuance of Charge Sheet-Er. S.K. Manrow Dy. CE(103860) 21-Jun-2018
19-Jun-2018D-9602-478 Reg.stoppage of recovery & refund of recovery already deducted from the pension of sh. Arun Passi DA 21-Jun-2018
19-Jun-2018D-11269-477 Reg. Conduct to departmental Inquiry & recovery from the pension Er. Jarnail singh CE Retd.(103420) 21-Jun-2018
21-May-2018D-11361-384 Regarding Suspension of Sh. Devinder Pal Singh AO(Code 108699) 21-May-2018
10-Apr-2018D-10448-266 Reg. decision of appeal against O/O No. 515 Dt.30.7.15 Er. Sham Lal Bhatt Dy. CE (Code 103406) Retd 11-Apr-2018
10-Apr-2018D-10448-265 Reg. decision of appeal against O/O No. 514 Dt.30.7.15 Er.Kuldeep Singh ASE(Code 105884) 11-Apr-2018
10-Apr-2018D-10099-264 Reg. decision of appeal against O/O No. 507 Dt.29.7.16-Er. Hem Raj Singla AEE (Code 107395) now Retd 11-Apr-2018
20-Feb-2018D-9968-124 Departmental Inquiry Retd.Er.Mohan Lal Garg(code 102661)&others 21-Feb-2018
20-Feb-2018D-10360-135 Decision of CS No. 395 Dt. 12.9.14-Retd. Sh. Sawaran Singh LDC ( ID No. 234262) 21-Feb-2018
20-Feb-2018D-10360-134 Decision of CS No.396 Dt. 12.9.14-Sh. Kewal Singh AJE(ID No. 234197) 21-Feb-2018
09-Feb-2018D-10707-114 Regarding amendment in O/O No. 90 Dt. 2.2.18-Sh.Ramesh Kaile AAE 09-Feb-2018
09-Feb-2018D-10360-121 Reg.decision of CS No. 399 Dt. 12.9.14-Sh. Piara Singh AAE 09-Feb-2018
09-Feb-2018D-10360-120 Reg.decision of CS No. 400 Dt. 12.9.14 Er. Suresh Kumar AE(Code 108736) 09-Feb-2018
09-Feb-2018D-10360-119 Reg.decision of CS NO. 397 Dt. 12.9.14-Sh. Raghbir Singh JE 09-Feb-2018
09-Feb-2018D-10360-118 Reg.decision of CS No.393 Dt. 12.9.14-Er.Gurkirpal Singh,Addl.SE(Code 105856) 09-Feb-2018
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