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19-Feb-2020D-11498-142 Reg.Departmental Inquiry of Er.Kanwar Jaswant Singh CE Retd.(Code 104054) & others 19-Feb-2020
17-Feb-2020D-11685-564 LOW-Er.Mandeep Kumar,AEE(Code 108266) 17-Feb-2020
17-Feb-2020D-11685-556 LOW -Er.Amandeep Singh,Sr.Xen(Code 107631) 17-Feb-2020
17-Feb-2020D-11685-548 LOW-Er.Rajwinder Singh,Dy.CE(Code 104531) 17-Feb-2020
17-Feb-2020D-11685-541 LOW- Er.Gurman Preet Singh (Code 107536) 17-Feb-2020
13-Feb-2020D-11Misc-493 complete deptt.inquiry in stipulation period by Inquiry Officers 14-Feb-2020
28-Jan-202011615-80 To deal the case under common proceedings in respect of Er. Charanjit Singh Brar(4508)&others 28-Jan-2020
14-Jan-2020D-11539-43 appoint Inquiry Officer Er. Gopal Sharma EIC 15-Jan-2020
31-Dec-2019D-11539-1044 Reg.Deptt. Inquiry Retd. Er. M.S. Brar(104834) Chairman CGRF cum CE & other. 06-Jan-2020
31-Dec-2019D-10351-1046 Reg.decision of appeal against O/O No. 813 Dt.18.12.17 of Er. Amit Deepak,AEE(107809) 06-Jan-2020
31-Dec-2019D-10351-1045 Reg.decision of appeal against O/O No. 814 Dt. 18.12.17 of Sh. Tejinder Singh RA(ID No. 253788) 06-Jan-2020
13-Nov-2019D-11498-940 file CS issued to Er.Mohinder Singh/AE(109023) deceased 13-Nov-2019
10-Oct-2019D-11491-835 Reg.Departmental Inquiry -Er.Bhupinder Khosla,SE(104487) & others 11-Oct-2019
10-Oct-2019D-11330-834 Reg.decision of CS No.155 Dt.19.06.2018- Er. S.K.Manrow,(Code103860)Dy CE now Retd. 11-Oct-2019
09-Oct-2019D-11640-832 Suspension Order-Er.Sandeep Kumar,CE(Code No. 103846) 09-Oct-2019
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