CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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05-Sep-2018D-5828-726 Suspension Period (Leave of a Kind due) Er. CJ Ra i(952) CE Retd. 06-Sep-2018
05-Sep-2018D-10605-727 Reg.decision of CS No. 126 Dt.30.03.15-Er.Yadvinder Paul Singh Bath,Dy.CE(Code 103893) 06-Sep-2018
31-Aug-2018D-10373-716 Reg. decision of CS No.227 Dt.21.05.14-Smt. Harjeet Kaur Divnl.Supdt. 31-Aug-2018
21-Aug-2018D-11207-690 Regarding drop of SCNS issued to Er. S.K. Bansal Dy.CE(103647)& Sh. Harpal Singh Cost Controller. 21-Aug-2018
21-Aug-2018D-10758-689 Regularization of suspension period as LOKD-Er H.D.Goyal Dy. CE(103892) & others officers/officials 21-Aug-2018
02-Aug-2018D-10758-655 Amendment in O/O No. 573 Dated 13.7.2018 07-Aug-2018
17-Jul-2018D-9968-588 Case entrusted to departmental inquiry -Er.Retd.Mohal Lal Garg CE (102661) & others. 20-Jul-2018
17-Jul-2018D-10114-587 Reg.decision CS No. 455 Dt. 22.11.13-Er.Bhupinder Singh ASE now SE (Code 104233) 20-Jul-2018
17-Jul-2018D-10114-586 Reg.decision of CS No. 458 Dt. 22.11.13 Retd. sh. Karajwinder Singh Supdt. Accounts (ID No. 252741) 20-Jul-2018
16-Jul-2018D-9998-583 Decision of Explanations of Er. Jatinder Garg ASE( Code 107030) and others 16-Jul-2018
16-Jul-2018D-10539-584 Case entrusted to Departmental Inq. of Er. Devinder Singh Dy. CE now CE (103397)& others 20-Jul-2018
13-Jul-2018D-10758-573 Decision of CSs issued to Er. H.D Goyal Dy.CE (103892) & others 13-Jul-2018
13-Jul-2018D-10707-518 Reg.regularization of Suspension Period as LOKD of 3 No.officer/officials 13-Jul-2018
13-Jul-2018D-10605-577 Reg.regularization of Suspension Period as LOKD of Er.Yadvinder Pal Singh Bath(103893) 13-Jul-2018
12-Jul-2018D-10580-553 Decision of CSs/SCNs issued to officers/officials (Border Zone) reg.Elect.Works. 13-Jul-2018
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