CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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Dated SubjectUploaded On
09-Jan-201849-89 Achievement of PSPCL 09-Jan-2018
02-Jan-20182-42 Publication of Tender Notice or Public notice etc in more than 3 newspapers 02-Jan-2018
01-Jan-20181775-1815 Issue of Press Notes Regarding Achievement, Recruitment and Policies of PSPCL 01-Jan-2018
01-Dec-2017PR-1648 Instruction Regarding Publication Of Tender Notices During Local Bodies Elections 01-Dec-2017
29-Nov-2017PR-1577 Instructions Regrading Publication of PSPCL Tenders Notices in Newpapers 29-Nov-2017
07-Nov-2017PR-1433 Instructions Regrading Publication of PSPCL Tenders 07-Nov-2017
27-Jul-2017PR-962 Regarding Corrigendum Of Tender Notices Not To Be Published In Newspaper 27-Jul-2017
30-Jun-2017817-8561 Release of Press Note on Regular Basis 30-Jun-2017
08-May-2017511-556 New Format for Tender Publications 08-May-2017
17-Apr-2017420-465 Tender Publications 17-Apr-2017
18-Jan-2017PR-68 Application of Model Code of Conduct w.e.f 4.1.2017 18-Jan-2017
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