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29-Aug-2017 51191-255  Appointment of Nodal Officer RTI 29-Aug-2017
17-Apr-2017 17870-89  annual report under sec 25 rti act from 1.1.2016 to 31.12.2016 17-Apr-2017
17-Feb-2017 7406-7456  annual report under sec 25 of rti act year 1.12016-31.12.2016 21-Feb-2017
30-Aug-2016 43832-894  information under RTI Act third party concept 01-Sep-2016
30-Aug-2016 43737-799  instrustions for meticulously compliance of RTI ACT 01-Sep-2016
02-Aug-2016 38483-38558  clarification regarding cost of information 04-Aug-2016
01-Apr-2016 15064-15114  IMPLEMENTATION OF RTI ACT 01-Apr-2016
01-Apr-2016 15013-63  APPEAL CASE 2338 OF 2014 -Sh. Parbodh Chander bali Amritsar 01-Apr-2016
11-Jan-2016 819-858  annual report under sec 25 of rti act 2005 12-Jan-2016
29-Dec-2015 69859-69909  To nominate Appeallate authorities/PIO/APIO 05-Jan-2016
29-Dec-2015 181-69859  to nominate Appeallate Authorities/PIO/APIO 05-Jan-2016
12-Aug-2015 45325-45512  IMPLEMENTATION OF SUB SEC 1 OF SECTION 6 OF RTI ACT 13-Aug-2015
10-Aug-2015 43970-44796  updating list of AA / PIOJ/APIOj upto 21/7/2015 10-Aug-2015
24-Jul-2015 40290-40484  To Provide Information under RTI Act 2005 27-Jul-2015
06-Jul-2015 36114-294  statutory duties of pio & apio 09-Jul-2015
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