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23-Jan-2020ENG-4-4905 Information regarding Computer Operators and Peons Outsourcing from PESCO . 23-Jan-2020
20-Jan-2020ENG-1-35 Cancellation of retirement orders of Smt. Nirmla Devi, Peon(D.O.B. 29.02.1960)due to her promotion. 20-Jan-2020
13-Jan-2020ENG-1-2593 Information regarding Computer Operators and Peons Outsouring from PESCO . 13-Jan-2020
08-Jan-2020ENG-1-120 Information- Regarding no. of employees Working in Boards/Corporations under Pb. Govt. . 09-Jan-2020
06-Jan-2020ENG-1-7 Reg. pre-mature retirement orders of Smt. Jasbir Kaur, Senior Asstt. 08-Jan-2020
26-Dec-2019ENG-1-743 Retirement orders for the month 01/2020 to 03/2020. 26-Dec-2019
19-Dec-2019ENG-4-348 Hire on contract basis for six months- Sh Gurbinder Singh, Steno-typist.(Retd. on 30.11.19) 20-Dec-2019
16-Dec-2019ENG-4-4060 Regarding service particulars of employees and Information of posts. 16-Dec-2019
06-Dec-2019ENG-1-3666 Reg. Punjab State Language Act-2008-Official work in Punjabi language. 09-Dec-2019
22-Nov-2019ENG-1-689 Promotion for-go orders of Sh. Surinder Singh, Circle Asstt.(Seniority No.4019)(Emp.I.D.No. 247669) 22-Nov-2019
21-Nov-2019ENG-1-688 Reg.promotion for-go orders of 2 No. Circle Asstts.(Seniority No.4469 & 4397) 22-Nov-2019
01-Nov-2019ENG-1-6381 Service particulars from 1.1.2016 to 30.06.2019 for preparing seniority list of UDC(Gen). 01-Nov-2019
01-Nov-2019ENG-1-3229 21.10.19 declared as holiday due to elections in Phagwara,Mukerian,Dakha,Jalalabad. 01-Nov-2019
30-Oct-2019ENG-4-300 Regarding Amendment of O.O No. 300/ENG-4/A-9959 dated 30.10.19.. 31-Oct-2019
15-Oct-2019ENG-1-3031 By-Election-Release of funds under MPs/MLAs Local Area Develop Scheme. 16-Oct-2019
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