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18-Jun-2018ENG-1-308 Regarding retirement orders from 7/18 to 9/18. 18-Jun-2018
11-Jun-2018ENG-1-28213 Reg. options for the promotion from Peon to Hawaldar. 11-Jun-2018
04-Jun-2018ENG-4-25680 Regarding vacancy position of employees. 04-Jun-2018
28-May-2018ENG-1-3284 Regarding Punjab State Panchayat Election-2018 -List of pending offices/departments (List Attached) 28-May-2018
23-May-2018ENG-1-1542 Tour of Ministers Bye-Election from 32-Shahkot Assembly Constituency, 2018- for information. 28-May-2018
21-May-2018ENG-1-5211 Most Urgent - Election duty of BLOs - for information & further necessary action. 21-May-2018
17-May-2018ENG-1-22676 Regarding vacancy position of employees. 17-May-2018
17-May-2018ENG-1-1449 Bye- Election from 32 Shahkot Assembly Constituency-2018 reg. election programme. 18-May-2018
16-May-2018ENG-1-238 Regarding Constitute a Committee for sports employees. 17-May-2018
16-May-2018ENG-1-1439 Reg. Tour of Ministers Bye-Election from 32-Shahkot Assembly Constituency-2018 -for information. 17-May-2018
10-May-2018ENG-1-226 Suspension order of Sh. Jagtar Singh, Senior Asstt.O/O Addl.SE/Division, Sunam. 10-May-2018
07-May-2018ENG-1-2821 Regarding lists of officers/officials for Punjab State Election- 2018. 07-May-2018
04-May-2018ENG-1-218 Reg. pre-mature retirement order of Smt. Ramesh Kumari, Sr. Asstt.(Empl. I.D. No. 214519) 04-May-2018
03-May-2018ENG-1-219 Reg. promotion forgo orders of Smt. Manju Kumari, Circle Asstt. (Empl. I.D. No. 210664). 04-May-2018
01-May-2018ENG-1-210 Regarding decision of Show Cause Notice & letter of warning to 2 No. employees. 01-May-2018
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