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19-Aug-2019ENG-4-241 Regarding retirement orders of Sh. Ganga Singh, B.C.C.(Emp.I.D. No. 280937) 19-Aug-2019
19-Jul-2019ENG-4-2662 Reg. continuation in service after attaining the age of 50/55 years. 22-Jul-2019
26-Jun-2019ENG-1-425 Reg. amendment of O/O No. 372/G-578/Vol.5 dated 11.6.19. 26-Jun-2019
26-Jun-2019ENG-1-424 Regarding continuation in service after the age of 50/55 years. 26-Jun-2019
20-Jun-2019ENG-1-4201 Regarding proof of documents for the non refundable amount of G.P.Fund . 20-Jun-2019
19-Jun-2019ENG-1-1856 Gen.Elect of Nagar Panchayat,Bhadson,Distt.Pta.Nagar Panchayat, Ban on transfers, and new projects 19-Jun-2019
19-Jun-2019ENG-1-1849 Lok Sabha Election-2019- Duties of 2 No. employees . 19-Jun-2019
13-Jun-2019ENG-1-380 Committee reg examining the judgement of courts and imlement the same in case of NGE working in H.O 14-Jun-2019
12-Jun-2019ENG-1-44 Orders related to JSS revised seniority list issued vide DS/ENG-2 memo no. 29973/30273 dt. 27.05.19. 12-Jun-2019
11-Jun-2019ENG-1-372 Reg. retirement orders of employees after age of 58/60 years for the month 07/19 to 09/19. 11-Jun-2019
11-Jun-2019ENG-1-369 Reg. appointing as Presenting Officer Smt. Amandeep Kaur, Law Officer.Gr.2 in case of Smt. Raksha . 11-Jun-2019
06-Jun-2019ENG-1-1721 Gen.Elect of Nagar Panchayat,Bhadson,Distt.Pta.Nagar Panchayat, Application of Model code of conduct 10-Jun-2019
06-Jun-2019ENG-1-1719 General Elections to House of People(Lok Sabha)-2019-Lifting of Model Code of Conduct-regarding. 10-Jun-2019
31-May-2019ENG-1-3728 Regarding misplace file No. A-10572/Vol. I of S.Manjit Singh Chahal, IPRO at the time of UDC. 31-May-2019
28-May-2019ENG-1-3638 Reg.panel of 2019-20 for the promotion of Supdt. Gr.II to Gr. I - 50/55 years report. 28-May-2019
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