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22-May-2020ENG-1-955 Regarding option for the promotion from Peon to Hawaldar. 22-May-2020
19-May-2020ENG-1-266 Pre-mature retirement orders of Sh. Urminder Singh, Senior Asstt.(Emp.I.D. No. 272408). 19-May-2020
19-May-2020ENG-1-265 Pre-mature retirement orders of Sh. Hardev Singh, Senior Asstt.(Emp.I.D. No. 260563). 19-May-2020
13-May-2020ENG-1-259 Cancellation of O/O No. 257 dated 12.5.2020-Regarding provisional pension of retirees. 13-May-2020
12-May-2020ENG-1-257 Regarding list of retired employees for provisional pension due to lockdown/curfew. 12-May-2020
07-May-2020ENG-1-256 Amendment of O/O No. 255 dated 20.4.2020-Reg. Amendment of retirement orders. 07-May-2020
20-Apr-2020ENG-255 Regarding Retirement orders of employees for the month of Apr to June 2020. 20-Apr-2020
16-Mar-2020ENG-4-18345 Regarding option for the promotion from Peon to Hawaldar. 17-Mar-2020
06-Mar-2020ENG-1-211 In continuation of o/o No.743 dated 26.12.2019-Retirement order of Sh. Baljinder Singh,Senior Asstt 06-Mar-2020
03-Mar-2020ENG-1-877 Discipinary proceedings against officials appointed on Election Duty- regarding. 04-Mar-2020
27-Feb-2020ENG-4-54 Posting and transfer orders of Sh. Surinder pal, Peon(Emp.I.D. No. 214848) 27-Feb-2020
26-Feb-2020ENG-1-1102 Reg.ACRs for the year 2019-2020 for the promotion of AAE to AE(Electrical). 26-Feb-2020
25-Feb-2020ENG-1-181 Retirement orders of Sh. Manjit Singh Senior Asstt.(Emp. I.D. No. 225010) 25-Feb-2020
24-Feb-2020ENG-1-1324 Reg. lists of employees for the work of Cencus-2021. 27-Feb-2020
18-Feb-2020ENG-1-157 Cancellation of retirement orders of Sh. Gurmail Chand Saini, P.A. due to promotion as P.S. 18-Feb-2020
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