O/o Dy. Secy Establishment-1(Office Orders And Circulars)
Dated SubjectUploaded On
24-Mar-2017 ENG-1-134  Cut in pension-Smt. Manjit Kaur, UDC (Retd.) (D.O.B. 25.11.58) 24-Mar-2017
16-Mar-2017 ENG-1-124  Regarding amendment of O.O. No. 117 dated 9.3.2017. 16-Mar-2017
10-Mar-2017 ENG-1-41  Engagement of Child Labour in the Election Related Activities-regarding. 14-Mar-2017
09-Mar-2017 ENG-1-117  Regarding retirement orders of employees. 10-Mar-2017
03-Mar-2017 ENG1-108  Retirement orders of Sh. Chander Kant, Sr Asstt 03-Mar-2017
28-Feb-2017 ENG1-1443  Instructions regarding Child Care Leave 28-Feb-2017
27-Feb-2017 Eng-1-91  Amendment in O/O No. 589 dated 15.12.2016. 27-Feb-2017
21-Feb-2017 ENG-4-9109  Continuation after 50-55 years 21-Feb-2017
17-Feb-2017 Eng-1-1252  Continuation in service after 50/55 years. 17-Feb-2017
16-Feb-2017 ENG-1-68  Continuation after 50-55 years. 16-Feb-2017
14-Feb-2017 ENG-4-27  Reg. Retirement Order Sh.Ram Lal LDC 14-Feb-2017
07-Feb-2017 ENG-1-62  Posting orders of Smt. Harinder Kaur,UDC (Gen) after maternity leave. 07-Feb-2017
23-Jan-2017 ENG-1-282  Reg. Inst. from Addl.Secretary Pb.-Hearing by the Chief Minister/Ministers during Model Code period. 23-Jan-2017
23-Jan-2017 ENG-1-281  Matter most urgent. Vidhan Sabha Election-2017. Action taken within 24 hours. 23-Jan-2017
17-Jan-2017 ENG-1-31  Retirement orders of Sh. Tarsem Chand Singla, Senior Scale Stenographer 17-Jan-2017
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