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05-Dec-2017ENG-1-13042 Regarding duties of P.As with observers in Municipal Corporation Election-2017. 06-Dec-2017
04-Dec-2017ENG-1-2429 Reg. List of Electorals in Special summary revision- Duties of BLOs. 06-Dec-2017
01-Dec-2017ENG-1-511 Reg. waiver of condition of S. Harpreet Singh, Circle Asstt.( promoted provisional Sr. Asstt) 04-Dec-2017
01-Dec-2017ENG-1-3375 Regarding Special Drive during SSR, 2018 through house to house visit by BLOs. 01-Dec-2017
29-Nov-2017ENG-4-48760 Reg. Service Particulars for the Promotion Peon to Daftri 29-Nov-2017
29-Nov-2017ENG-1-503 Amendment in O.O. No. 414 dated 13.9.2017. 29-Nov-2017
08-Nov-2017ENG-1-11838 Regarding service particulars for the promotion from Senior Asstt. to Supdt. Gr.2 09-Nov-2017
03-Nov-2017ENG-1-472 Posting and transfer order of 1 No. UDC A/cs. 03-Nov-2017
03-Nov-2017ENG-1-471 Regarding waiver of condition of Sh. Amrit Lal, UDC A/cs. 03-Nov-2017
03-Nov-2017ENG-1-11585 Reg. missing loose file no. 789 of Sh. Rajinder Singh, Driver (Retd. from PSTCL) 03-Nov-2017
02-Nov-2017ENG-4-45276 Reg. Service Particulars for the Promotion Peon to Daftari 02-Nov-2017
02-Nov-2017ENG-1-11090 Regarding option for next promotion - Circle Asstt/ARA. 03-Nov-2017
31-Oct-2017ENG-1-466 Regarding retirement orders of Sh. Gurinder Singh, Senior Asstt.S/o Sh. Harbhajan Singh. 31-Oct-2017
27-Oct-2017ENG-1-461 Regarding promotion orders of Circle Asstt./ARA to Senior Asstt. 27-Oct-2017
20-Sep-2017ENG-1-424 Regarding Pre-mature retirement orders of Smt. Neelam Arora, Jr. Scale S/grapher.(Emp.ID No. 241994) 20-Sep-2017
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