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20-Sep-2017 ENG-1-424  Regarding Pre-mature retirement orders of Smt. Neelam Arora, Jr. Scale S/grapher.(Emp.ID No. 241994) 20-Sep-2017
18-Sep-2017 ENG-1-422  Posting orders of Sh. Kanchan Kumar, Senior Asstt. after ExIndia Leave. 18-Sep-2017
13-Sep-2017 ENG-1-414  Regarding retirement orders of employees upto 31.12.2017. 13-Sep-2017
13-Sep-2017 ENG-1-411  Regarding promotion orders of Supdt. Gr.II. 13-Sep-2017
11-Sep-2017 ENG-1-410  Regarding amendment of O/O. No. 357 dated 02.8.2017. 11-Sep-2017
08-Sep-2017 ENG-1-403  Posting and transfer orders of Sh. Amrit Lal, UDC (A/Cs) I.D. No. 307785 08-Sep-2017
06-Sep-2017 ENG-1-394  Regarding resignation from service- Sh Harmanpreet Singh Sehgal (I.D. No. 315241) 06-Sep-2017
06-Sep-2017 ENG-1-393  Regarding Sh. Navdeep Singh Dhindsa, J.E. 06-Sep-2017
25-Aug-2017 ENG-1-382  Regarding Sh. Ishwar Chand, UDC(Now Senior Asstt.) 25-Aug-2017
21-Aug-2017 ENG-1-375  Regarding amendment of O/O. No. 357 dated 02.8.2017. 21-Aug-2017
16-Aug-2017 ENG-1-8191  Regarding continuation in service after age of 50/55 years . 17-Aug-2017
08-Aug-2017 ENG-4-33089  Reg. Information Providing Computer Oproter & Peon Outsource through Peco 08-Aug-2017
08-Aug-2017 ENG-1-362  Promotion orders from Senior Asstts. to Supdt. Gr.II 08-Aug-2017
04-Aug-2017 ENG-1-7143  Information regarding sanctioned posts of UDC(General & Accounts) 04-Aug-2017
03-Aug-2017 ENG-4-32512  Rg. Continution in Service after 50/55 years 03-Aug-2017
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