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13-Feb-2019ENG1-906 Reg. Lok Sabha Elecion 2019 13-Feb-2019
08-Feb-2019ENG-1-484 Regarding not availing leaves till 31.3.2019 08-Feb-2019
04-Feb-2019ENG-1-793 Regarding Lok Sabha Election-2019. 04-Feb-2019
01-Feb-2019ENG-1-759 Regarding Data for Lok Sabha Election-2019. 01-Feb-2019
31-Jan-2019ENG-1-651 Reg. meeting of departmental/Heads of offices for appointing of polling staff in Lok Sabha Election. 31-Jan-2019
31-Jan-2019ENG-1-64 Pre-mature retirement orders of Sh. Jaspal Singh, Senior Scale S/grapher(Emp.I.D No. 241931) 01-Feb-2019
31-Jan-2019ENG-1-62 In continuation of O.O. No. 43/Zones(C) dated 07.06.2017- 31-Jan-2019
31-Jan-2019ENG-1-29 Regarding mails from CM office Punjab different departments/ offices. 05-Feb-2019
30-Jan-2019ENG-1-24 Regarding Punjab State Language Act-1967 and Punjab Govt. Notification dated 5.9.18. 01-Feb-2019
29-Jan-2019ENG-1-19 Reg. copy of e-mails of Punjab Govt. important Projects/programmes/meetings. 05-Feb-2019
25-Jan-2019ENG-1-324 Regarding National Voters Day(25th January 2019)-- for compliance. 25-Jan-2019
08-Jan-2019ENG-1-13 Regarding promotion for-go orders of Smt. Janak Rani, Senior Asstt. D/o Sh. Munshi Ram. 08-Jan-2019
03-Jan-2019ENG-1-4 Regarding retirement orders from 01/2019 to 03/2019. 03-Jan-2019
24-Dec-2018ENG-1-4251 General Elections of Gram Panchayats-2018- Application of Model Code of Conduct- for information. 24-Dec-2018
20-Dec-2018ENG-1-14213 General Elections of Gram Panchayats-2018- Ban on transfers -for information. 20-Dec-2018
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