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17-Jul-2019Conf-9367 To prepare the JE Installation (Mtr. Inspector) employee tentative seniority wef 1.1.16 to 31.12.18 17-Jul-2019
12-Jul-2019Conf-9104 To prepare combined Sty. list of JE-1 Testing, Tel. Supervisor, Test Insp. wef 1.7.15 to 31.12.15 12-Jul-2019
12-Jul-2019Conf-8852 Reminder - To Prepare the seniority of JE Civil Employees wef 01.04.15 to 31.03.17 12-Jul-2019
28-Jun-2019Conf-8540 Issuance of Tentative seniority of Circle Assist and ARA employees wef 01.04.18 to 31.12.18 28-Jun-2019
24-Jun-2019Conf-8280 To prepare the Peon employees seniority wef 01.01.08 to 31.08.13 24-Jun-2019
24-Jun-2019Conf-8029 Final declaration of degree holder Technical subordinate employees seniority wef 1.7.16 to 31.12.16 24-Jun-2019
19-Jun-2019Conf-8004 Amendment in tentative Seniority of UDC General wef 01.07.12 to 31.12.15 20-Jun-2019
14-Jun-2019Conf-7546 To prepare the AAE employees tentative seniority list wef 01.04.16 to 31.03.17 14-Jun-2019
11-Jun-2019Conf-7271 Issuance of tentative seniority of CHD employees wef 01.10.16 to 30.09.18 11-Jun-2019
04-Jun-2019Conf-7001 Issuance of Tentative Seniority of Lineman employees category wef 01.07.11 to 31.12.13 04-Jun-2019
29-May-2019196-204 regarding acr s for promotion of sr. asst. to supdt. grade 2 29-May-2019
27-May-2019eng2-29973 Revised Seniority List of JSS in the compliance to the jug dement of CWP 28629/17 & CWP 44504/15. 27-May-2019
27-May-2019Conf-6729 To prepare the seniority of Chowkidaar Category employees wef 01.01.08 to 31.12.18 27-May-2019
16-May-2019Conf-6646 Issuance of Meter Inspector (JE Installation) employees tentative seniority wef 01.01.13 to 31.12.15 17-May-2019
16-May-2019Conf-6395 To prepare the combined sty. list AAE Testing/ Comm. Tele Supervisor/ Test insp. wef 07/15 to 12/18 17-May-2019
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