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03-Jul-201831899-31949 Provisional Seniorty list of senior Asst. from 01.09.15 to 31.03.17 03-Jul-2018
09-May-201821863-22163 Provisional Seniority list of Peon of Head Office Cadre From 01.04.14 to 31.12.16 09-May-2018
07-May-201821354-21654 Regarding completion certificate of property Returns for the year 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 07-May-2018
14-Mar-201814041-14101 provisional seniorty list of supdt gr-2 from 04.01.17-31.01.18 16-Mar-2018
08-Mar-2018254-256 ACR Not Received For Period 04.09.12 to 31.03.13 of Sh. Sukhwinder Singh, Sr. Asst. 09-Mar-2018
08-Mar-2018251-253 ACR Not Received For Period 01.04.11 to 10.11.11 of Sh. Prem Nath, Sr. Asst. 09-Mar-2018
11-Jan-20181201-1250 Provisional Seniorty list PA 1.12.15 to 31.7.17 11-Jan-2018
15-Sep-201739346-39396 Amendment in Provisional Seniority list of Junior Scale Stenographer From 01.04.14 to 30.11.16 15-Sep-2017
23-Aug-201736514-36564 Seniority of Junior Scale Stenographer Dated 01.04.14 to 30.11.16 23-Aug-2017
17-Aug-2017000-788 correction in senrty of smt satinderpal kaur 23-Aug-2017
09-Aug-2017762-763 correction in dob of sh.sudhir kumar 10-Aug-2017
01-Aug-201731906-32304 provisional seniority list of supdt gr 2 from 1.6.15-03.01.17 01-Aug-2017
28-Jul-2017729-733 To send ACR of GR-2 for promotion of GR-1 28-Jul-2017
14-Jul-2017664-68 Reminder regrading Particulars from PA to PS 14-Jul-2017
07-Jul-2017644-648 to send acr for the promotion of pa to ps(reminder) 07-Jul-2017
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