Dated SubjectUploaded On
18-Apr-2017 17876-18175  property return 2015-16 18-Apr-2017
10-Mar-2017 312-315  SENIORITY LIST 16-Mar-2017
28-Dec-2016 64212-64511  Reminder of Property return 2014-15 of Group B 28-Dec-2016
22-Dec-2016 69818-70118  Property return 2014-15 of Group B 22-Dec-2016
16-Dec-2016 60700-999  Regarding seniority list of Sr.Assistant (SC)from 01-07-2005 to 31-08-2015 16-Dec-2016
27-Sep-2016 52591-890  Regarding provisional Seniority List of Senior Assistants (SC) dated 01.07.05 to 31.08.15 03-Oct-2016
01-Aug-2016 42256-42556  seniority list of junior scale steno-grapher from dt .01.02.14 to 31.03.14 04-Aug-2016
09-Jun-2016 30545-94  Provisional Seniority of Senior Assistant From 1.7.14 to 31.8.15 14-Jun-2016
27-May-2016 27319-400  Provision Sen. List of Sen. Scale Stenographer 1.1.14 to 31.3.16 06-Jun-2016
19-May-2016 25901-26200  To upload movable-immovable property returns of Group B employees 19-May-2016
06-May-2016 138-182  Group B Non Gztd.employee property returns 16-May-2016
09-Mar-2016 174-76  Regarding allotment of Provisional Seniority to Smt Parveen Lata Senior assistant 11-Mar-2016
05-Feb-2016 8994-9043  provisional seniority of PA for the peried 1-7-14 to30-11-15 05-Feb-2016
01-Feb-2016 8311-8611  provisional seniority of head office cader peon from dt.1-4-10 to 31-3-14 02-Feb-2016
22-Jan-2016 4046-95  SENIORITY LIST 29-Jan-2016
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