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21-Mar-2018ENG1-1906 Promotion particulars for Supdt/Gr.2 22-Mar-2018
19-Mar-2018ENG-1-145 Regarding retirement orders from 4/18 to 6/18. 19-Mar-2018
13-Mar-2018ENG-1-140 Posting and transfer orders of 4 No. UDC A/cs. 14-Mar-2018
13-Mar-2018ENG-1-139 Posting and transfer orders of 1 No.Senior Asstt. 13-Mar-2018
09-Mar-2018ENG-4-38 Posting Order Smt Gurwinder Kaur LDC After M Leave 13-Mar-2018
08-Mar-2018ENG-1-128 Promotion orders of S/Typist to Junior Scale Stenographers. 08-Mar-2018
01-Mar-2018ENG-1-116 Posting and transfer orders of 2 No. Senior Asstts. 01-Mar-2018
01-Mar-2018ENG-1-115 Amendment in orders. 01-Mar-2018
27-Feb-2018ENG-1-112 Cancellation of retirement order of Smt. Harjinder Kaur, Supdt. Gr.2 D/O Sh. Balbir Singh (DOB3.3.60 28-Feb-2018
22-Feb-2018ENG-1-95 In continuation of O.O. No. 01 dated 01.01.2018- Posting and transfer order of 1 No. UDC. 22-Feb-2018
21-Feb-2018ENG-1-91 Reg. amendment of O.O. No. 88 dt. 20.02.2018- Posting and transfer order of 1 No. Sr. Asstt. 21-Feb-2018
20-Feb-2018ENG-1-88 Regarding posting and transfer order of 1 No. Senior Asstt. 20-Feb-2018
19-Feb-2018ENG-1-87 Regarding promotion orders of Supdt./Gr.II. 20-Feb-2018
13-Feb-2018ENG-1-1036 Reg. service particulars for the promotion Senior Scale S/grapher to P.A. 13-Feb-2018
08-Feb-2018ENG-1-73 Regarding pre-mature retirement order of Smt. Kamaljeet Kaur. S/Gr.II (Emp. I.D. No. 250730) 08-Feb-2018
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