O/o Dy. Secy Establishment-1
Dated SubjectUploaded On
24-Apr-2017 ENG1-178  Transfer orders of Sh Harpreet Singh Sr Asstt 24-Apr-2017
24-Apr-2017 ENG1-177  Promotion orders of Supdt Gr.2 24-Apr-2017
20-Apr-2017 ENG-4-70  Posting Order Smt Gurpreet Kaur LDC After meternity Leave 20-Apr-2017
19-Apr-2017 ENG-4-68  Posting & Transfer Sh Jaspal Singh Peon 19-Apr-2017
18-Apr-2017 ENG1-174  Posting orders of Smt Neha Modi, UDC after M.Leave 19-Apr-2017
18-Apr-2017 ENG1-173  Posting orders of Sh Avtar Singh Sr Asstt after Medical Leave 18-Apr-2017
12-Apr-2017 ENG-1-166  Posting orders of Smt. Mandeep Kaur, UDC 17-Apr-2017
11-Apr-2017 ENG-1-161  Posting and transfer order of Miss Aarti, UDC (Gen.) Emp. I.D. No. 314913 11-Apr-2017
06-Apr-2017 ENG-1-155  Posting and Transfer orders of Sh. Nirmal Singh,P.A. 06-Apr-2017
31-Mar-2017 ENG-1-1987  Regarding Vidhan Sabha Election-2017-Duties of 3 No. P.As 31-Mar-2017
30-Mar-2017 ENG-1-138  Regarding incontinuation of O/O No. 133 dated 21.03.17-Sh. Ved Parkash, P.A. 30-Mar-2017
29-Mar-2017 ENG-1-136  Regarding resignation of Sh. Kulwinder Singh, P.A.(Retd.)- Hired on contract basis. 30-Mar-2017
22-Mar-2017 ENG-4-51  Posting Order Sh Kishan Chand Hawaldar 22-Mar-2017
20-Mar-2017 ENG-4-48  Amendment in Promotion Order O/o no.293 dt.30.12.16 Smt Nirmal Kaur Peon 20-Mar-2017
09-Mar-2017 Eng-1-117  Regarding Retirement orders of employees. 10-Mar-2017
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