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05-Sep-2018ENG-1-5419 Election Duties Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls wrt 01Jan2019 05-Sep-2018
30-Aug-2018ENG-1-429 Amendment of O.O. No. 14 dated 29.8.2014. 30-Aug-2018
29-Aug-2018Eng-1-14 3 No transfer orders of PA UDC and stenotypist 29-Aug-2018
29-Aug-2018ENG-1-428 Posting and transfer order of 2 No. UDCs. 29-Aug-2018
28-Aug-2018ENG-1-426 Posting and transfer orders of 1 No. Senior Asstt. (Sh. Manoj Kumar, Sr. Asstt.) 29-Aug-2018
28-Aug-2018ENG-1-425 Order of Removal from Service Navdeep Dhindsa JE 304020. 28-Aug-2018
24-Aug-2018ENG-1-419 Promotion orders from Circle Asstt. to Senior Asstts. 24-Aug-2018
16-Aug-2018ENG-4-39296 Reg. releasing the provisional seniority lists of Data Entry Operators/Computer Operator/Programmer. 16-Aug-2018
07-Aug-2018ENG-4-239 Posting and transfer order of Harjeet Singh, Peon. 07-Aug-2018
07-Aug-2018ENG-1-402 Posting and transfer order of Akashdeep Mahio, UDC (Employee ID NO. 318820) 07-Aug-2018
02-Aug-2018ENG-1-398 Regarding posting and transfer orders of Sh. Sonu Puri, UDC. 02-Aug-2018
01-Aug-2018ENG-1-395 Posting order of Kanwaljit Kaur Senior Assistant after availing Ex- India Leave. 01-Aug-2018
01-Aug-2018ENG-1-393 Posting/Transfer order of Naresh Rani Senior Assistant. 01-Aug-2018
27-Jul-2018ENG-1-386 Posting/Transfer Order of Ravinder UDC & Meenakshi P.A. 27-Jul-2018
25-Jul-2018ENG-1-383 Transfer/Posting Orders of Sarita & Jiwan Jyoti Sr. Assts. 25-Jul-2018
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