O/o Dy. Secy Establishment-1
Dated SubjectUploaded On
24-May-2017 ENG-1-235  Sh. Chand Singh, UDC(Now Prov. Senior Asstt.) 24-May-2017
23-May-2017 ENG-4-91  Promotion Order from Peon to Hawaldar 23-May-2017
19-May-2017 ENG-1-227  Posting and transfer orders of Smt. Narinder Kaur, Supdt./Gr.II. 19-May-2017
18-May-2017 ENG-1-226  Posting and transfer orders of Sh. Kamaljeet Joshi, Sr. Asstt. 18-May-2017
15-May-2017 ENG1-223  Promotion order of 7 JSSG to SSSG and Transfer order of Sh. Bawla Singh,SSSG 15-May-2017
15-May-2017 ENG-1-3629  Regarding missing file No. ENG/A-14540- Sh Parminder Singh, Supdt. Gr.2 (Now Under Secretary) 17-May-2017
12-May-2017 ENG1-219  Posting and transfer orders of 3 No. UDC/Accounts 12-May-2017
11-May-2017 215-11435  posting orders of Smt Neelam Rani Supt Gd-II 11-May-2017
10-May-2017 ENG-1-214  Posting and transfer order of Sh. Narainder Singh, Senior Asstt. 10-May-2017
10-May-2017 ENG-1-213  Promotion orders of P.A. 10-May-2017
09-May-2017 ENG-1-211  Posting and transfer orders of Smt. Kawaljeet Kaur, Senior Asstt. 09-May-2017
08-May-2017 ENG-1-203  Posting and transfer orders of Gagandeep Kaur, UDC(Accounts) 08-May-2017
08-May-2017 ENG-1-202  Posting and transfer orders of 2 No. Senior Asstts. -Sh. Surjit Singh & Sh. Rajinder Kumar 08-May-2017
08-May-2017 ENG-1-201  Posting and transfer orders of Sh. Rachpal Singh, P.A. & Sh. Baljit Singh, Jr. Scale Stenographer 08-May-2017
05-May-2017 ENG-4-78  Posting & Transfer Smt Kamlesh Peon 05-May-2017
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