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18-Jul-2017 8243-8942  postpone of departmental exam SAS-2 session 8/2017 19-Jul-2017
18-Jul-2017 7543-8242  Revised Schedule SAS-1 Session 7/2017 18-Jul-2017
13-Jul-2017 6005-6057  Regarding acceptance of application forms of Ministerial & udc general exam for session 6/2017 15-Jul-2017
27-Jun-2017 5020-5719  Regarding change in the Schedule of SAS-1 Exam, Session-7/2017 27-Jun-2017
26-May-2017 4241-4940  Regarding postpone of MINISTERIAL and UDC General exam Session 6/2017 26-May-2017
28-Apr-2017 3220-3919  Regarding change in the receipt date of application forms for SAS-I & 2 examination session 7&8/2017 28-Apr-2017
25-Jan-2017 1980-2679  Regarding revised schedule of SAS-I Exam, Session 01/17 25-Jan-2017
18-Jan-2017 1364-1863  Regarding revised schedule of SAS-II Exam, Session 02/17 18-Jan-2017
12-Jan-2017 660-1359  Regarding postpone of SAS-1 exam Session 1/2017 12-Jan-2017
19-Dec-2016 13714-14413  Regarding change in the receipt date of application form for SAS-I & 2 examination 2017 19-Dec-2016
30-Nov-2016 11380-12079  Schedule / Forms for the Year 2017 30-Nov-2016
23-Sep-2016 10092-10792  Revised Sechdule SAS-1 Session 07 / 2016 23-Sep-2016
14-Aug-2015 8446-9045  Revised Schedule (Computer Literacy) Session-09/2015 14-Aug-2015
14-Aug-2015 7795-8394  Revised Schedule (ME, UDC(General)) Session-09/2015 14-Aug-2015
25-May-2015 Exam-32  Postpone of departmental exam of ME and UDC(Gen) Session 06/2015 25-May-2015
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