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07-Jul-2017 00-0  subsidy received during 2017-18 upto JUNE 2017 07-Jul-2017
06-Jul-2017 5747-6511  Purchase from Un- registered dealer under GST 06-Jul-2017
06-Jul-2017 4981-5746  GSTIN OF PSPCL 06-Jul-2017
30-Jun-2017 4185-4951  Filing of service Tax return for the quarter ending 06/2017 30-Jun-2017
12-Jun-2017 2047-2074  Cash budget allocation of Annual Plan 2017-18 of Rs. 2774.69 crore. (First Revision) 12-Jun-2017
07-Jun-2017 00-0  subsidy received during 2017-18 upto MAY 2017 07-Jun-2017
05-Jun-2017 3582-1081  Austerity Measures for the year 2017-18 05-Jun-2017
16-May-2017 1822-1850  Cash Budget allocation of Annual Plan 2017-18 of Rs.2774.69 crore as per MYT. 16-May-2017
08-May-2017 1745-1745  subsidy received during 2017-18 upto APR 2017 08-May-2017
21-Apr-2017 2686-3434  Migration to GST(Goods and Service tax)- Regarding Office Premises 21-Apr-2017
12-Apr-2017 1899-2348  Migration to GST- DA in excel sheet 12-Apr-2017
12-Apr-2017 1899-2348  Migration to GST (Goods and service Tax) 12-Apr-2017
11-Apr-2017 00-0  subsidy received during 2016-17 11-Apr-2017
03-Apr-2017 1120-1569  Migration to GST (Goods and Service tax) 03-Apr-2017
31-Mar-2017 1088-1497  GH-74,75 & 76 BUDGET CENTRE WISE CIRCULAR 2017-18 BUDGET ESTIMATES 31-Mar-2017
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