CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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19-May-2020000-0 subsidy up to 15.05.2020 19-May-2020
18-May-2020306-325 Extension of time period in NIT of CC limit of Rs. 500 crore 18-May-2020
04-May-2020000-0 status of subsidy 30.04.2020 04-May-2020
03-May-20201-20 Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) for CC limit of Rs. 500 crore 03-May-2020
03-Apr-2020000-0 STATUS OF SUBSIDY UPTO 31.03.2020 03-Apr-2020
17-Mar-2020692-978 Liability towards tokens of Municipal tax raised in FMIS system. 17-Mar-2020
16-Mar-202000-0 STATUS OF SUBSIDY UPTO 15.03.2020 16-Mar-2020
02-Mar-202000-0 STATUS OF SUBSIDY UPTO 29.02.2020 02-Mar-2020
19-Feb-2020FA-28 Appointment of Nodal Officer in Compliance to CWP No. 8086/3 titled as Indu Mehta Vs UOI 20-Feb-2020
18-Feb-202000-0 STATUS OF SUBSIDY UPTO 15.02.2020 18-Feb-2020
04-Feb-202000-0 STATUS OF SUBSIDY UPTO 31.01.2020 04-Feb-2020
17-Jan-202000-0 Status of subsidy upto 15.01.2020 17-Jan-2020
06-Jan-202000-0 Status of Subsidy upto 31.12.2019 06-Jan-2020
16-Dec-201900-0 Status of Subsidy upto 15.12.2019 16-Dec-2019
02-Dec-201900-0 Status of Subsidy Upto 30.11.2019 02-Dec-2019
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