CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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03-Jul-201900-0 Status of subsidy upto 30.06.2019 03-Jul-2019
21-Jun-201900-0 Status of Subsidy upto15.06.2019 21-Jun-2019
04-Jun-201900-0 Revised status of subsidy upto 31.05.2019 26-Jun-2019
04-Jun-201900-0 Status of Subsidy Upto 31.05.2019 04-Jun-2019
27-May-20192557-2687 Servie Tax investigation against PSPCL 27-May-2019
23-May-2019411-479 Blocked DDOs due to Non Submisison of Calculation sheet & U cheque of ED DSSF & IDF 23-May-2019
20-May-201900-0 Status of Subsidy upto 15.05.2019 20-May-2019
13-May-20191509-2294 Return of BG after validity period expires 13-May-2019
07-May-20191351-1479 Servie Tax investigation against PSPCL 07-May-2019
02-May-2019220-270 Payment to suppliers/firms/contractors through RTGS 02-May-2019
01-May-201900-0 Subsidy status up to 30.04.2019. 01-May-2019
25-Apr-201900-0 Status of Subsidy Received Upto 15.04.2019 25-Apr-2019
01-Apr-20191099-1198 Servie Tax investigation against PSPCL 01-Apr-2019
01-Apr-201900-0 Status of Subsidy Received upto 31.03.2019 01-Apr-2019
29-Mar-2019963-1093 Servie Tax investigation against PSPCL 29-Mar-2019
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