CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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19-Jul-2018888-937 Service Tax investigation against PSPCL- reg 20-Jul-2018
17-Jul-201800-0 SUBSIDY STATUS UPTO 15.07.2018 17-Jul-2018
03-Jul-201800-0 SUBSIDY STATUS UPTO 30.06.2018 03-Jul-2018
19-Jun-201800-0 SUBSIDY STATUS UPTO 15.06.2018 19-Jun-2018
15-Jun-201800-0 SUBSIDY STATUS UPTO 31.05.2018 15-Jun-2018
12-Jun-201800-0 SUBSIDY RECEIVED DURING 2018-19 UPTO MAY 2018 12-Jun-2018
03-May-201800-0 subsidy received during 2018-19 upto APRIL 2018 04-May-2018
05-Apr-201800-0 Subsidy received during 2017-18 05-Apr-2018
06-Mar-201800-0 subsidy received during 2017-18 upto FEBRUARY 2018 06-Mar-2018
05-Feb-201800-0 subsidy received during 2017-18 upto JANUARY 2018 05-Feb-2018
04-Jan-201800-0 subsidy received during 2017-18 upto DECEMBER 2017 04-Jan-2018
18-Dec-20177689-8439 Regarding submission of un-utilised amount in the state Treasury 18-Dec-2017
04-Dec-201700-0 subsidy received during 2017-18 upto NOVEMBER 2017 04-Dec-2017
06-Nov-201700-0 subsidy received during 2017-18 upto OCTOBER 2017 06-Nov-2017
18-Oct-20173539-3574 REMINDER REGARDING BUDGET PROPOSALS FOR 2017-18 (RE) AND 2018-19(BE) 18-Oct-2017
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