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20-May-201929000-29201 To observe 21.5.2019 as Anti Terrorism day. 20-May-2019
14-May-201928444-79 Regarding Providing of Mobile Services by Voda Phone. 14-May-2019
13-May-201927935-28135 Regarding heating of the meals in cardboard box by installing electric lamp inside. 13-May-2019
07-May-201933107-33607 Using Logo of 150th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi Ji for official purposes 07-May-2019
02-May-201927157-61 Unlimited Internet Plan 4G for JEs. AAE. 06-May-2019
26-Apr-201926540-729 Invitation of nominations for Gandhi peace prize for the Year 2019. 26-Apr-2019
16-Apr-2019gen-1-25162 Using Logo to celebrate 150th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi Ji. 16-Apr-2019
01-Apr-20191411-1 Annual Contract for Photostat work at Head Office PSPCL Patiala. 02-Apr-2019
28-Mar-201921575-625 Regarding New Policy of rules for House allotment committee. 28-Mar-2019
20-Mar-2019Gen-2-21061 Economy in telecom expenses. 20-Mar-2019
01-Mar-2019gen-1-16357 The Punjab Transparency & Accountability in Delivery of Public Services Rules 2018. 01-Mar-2019
28-Feb-2019gen-2-16230 Regarding New Policy of Rules for House Allotment. 01-Mar-2019
27-Feb-2019gen-2-14629 Economy in telecom expenses. 27-Feb-2019
26-Feb-2019gen-1-315 Minimum wages fixed by D.C, Patiala w.e.f 1.9.2018 26-Feb-2019
20-Feb-2019gen-2-13173 Regarding quations of contract for photostet work of PSPCL head office common pool Patiala i.e19-20 22-Feb-2019
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