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18-Jul-2017 27947-28647  revised rate of per day stay in rest house 18-Jul-2017
13-Jul-2017 3054-3054  Installation of R.O.System (Commercial) for Potable Water 13-Jul-2017
07-Jul-2017 General-I-27143  Disposal of un-Serviceable and surplus stores 07-Jul-2017
04-Jul-2017 General-I-26909  Regarding outsourcing vehicles Tender Notice in News Papers 05-Jul-2017
21-Jun-2017 GENERAL-25782  Night Duty Charges to Drivers of Outsourced Vehicles for Paddy Season. 21-Jun-2017
31-May-2017 GENERAL-1119  Annual Contract for Photostat work at Head Office -M/s Kamboj Typewriter Co. 31-May-2017
30-May-2017 22765-22815  Up to date mobile phone numbers database of PSPCL for new tender 30-May-2017
26-May-2017 GENERAL-22538  To maintain Law & Order and Harmony in Public Interest (Only Patiala District) 26-May-2017
15-May-2017 GENERAL-II-21210  Last Reminder Implementaion of recommendation of 5th Punjab Pay Commission - Grant of Mobile Allowan 15-May-2017
11-May-2017 GENERAL-II-19975  Implementation of the recommendation of the 5th Punjab Pay Commission-Grant of Mobile Allowance 11-May-2017
19-Apr-2017 General-II-18272  Extension of Contract Agreement for Providing Mobile Phone/ FCT Services under Corporate Plan 20-Apr-2017
06-Apr-2017 General-II-15502  Regarding Information of PSPCL Offices working in Private Buildings 11-Apr-2017
15-Mar-2017 General-I-12991  Regarding Installation of R.O. System Commercial at Sub Station & HODs. Field Offices 15-Mar-2017
10-Mar-2017 General-I-12158  Strict Compliance of the provisions contained in the Flag Code of India 2002 14-Mar-2017
10-Mar-2017 General-I-11699  Individual Housing Loan Scheme of HUDCO under HUDCO NIWAS HOME LOANS 10-Mar-2017
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