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16-Jan-2019gen-1-6267 Action Taken Report for Dengue & other Vector diseases. 16-Jan-2019
16-Jan-2019General-I-5066 Celebration of Republic Day 26 January 2019 16-Jan-2019
08-Jan-20192882-4682 To provide Internet plan-4G with 10GB unlimited data to AE/AEE of PSPCL 08-Jan-2019
07-Jan-20192715-30 Strike duties in lieu of AIE Employees strike 8.1.19 & 9.1.19. 07-Jan-2019
03-Jan-201928-98 Strike duties in lieu of AIE Employees strike 8.1.19 & 9.1.19. 05-Jan-2019
03-Jan-201928-98 Strike duties in liu of AIE Employees strike dated 8.1.19 & 9.1.19 05-Jan-2019
01-Jan-201960526-61726 Revision of rates of summer- winter season uniforms for class-3 (Group-C) employees of PSPCL. 01-Jan-2019
27-Dec-201857327-66 absolutely disposal of Old Record laying in offices of PSPCL,Head Office,Patiala. 01-Jan-2019
13-Dec-2018General-II-54668 Information regarding Diary for the year 2019. 17-Dec-2018
15-Nov-2018General-I-51470 Variation in diesel cost for approved vehicle under the off. of AO & SDO TL, 16-Nov-2018
13-Nov-2018General-I-51181 Paddy-Weat straw burning Administrative measures to contain the problem. 13-Nov-2018
01-Nov-2018General-II-50777 Sale of Old and Obsolete Record in PSPCL Offices 01-Nov-2018
30-Oct-2018General-I-50146 31.10.18 as Rashtriya Akta Diwas to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vllabhbhai Patel. 30-Oct-2018
30-Oct-2018General-I-50090 Providing of outsourced vehicle to Sr. Xen/Civil and Mtc under various CE/DS PSPCL. . 30-Oct-2018
26-Oct-2018General-II-49438 To allocate the Govt. House on the basis of UT Pool of Pb.Quotas out of turn (mediacal/functional) 29-Oct-2018
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