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25-Apr-20181711-56 Required excess rent for the one step higher than status accommodation. 26-Apr-2018
23-Apr-201819376-19466 Meeting Rearding Gram Swaraj Abhiyan 14.4.18 to 5.5.18 held by DC Patiala on dated 12.4.18. 23-Apr-2018
16-Apr-20181581-83 To inquire about outsource vehicles of PSPCL 19-Apr-2018
13-Apr-201818730-18745 The decision taken by the Board in its 65th meeting held on 17.3.18 at Mohali. 13-Apr-2018
13-Apr-201818650-720 To maintain law & order and harmony in public interest (only for Patiala Distt) 13-Apr-2018
10-Apr-201817034-17104 Strike duties on 11.4.18 10-Apr-2018
10-Apr-201816924-17014 To keep Friday as dry day due to Malaria & other diseases. 10-Apr-2018
21-Mar-201814964-72 To inquire about outsource vehicles of PSPCL 21-Mar-2018
15-Mar-2018682-1382 Regarding amended rates of Guest House/Rest House in PSPCL. 16-Mar-2018
15-Mar-201814363-569 Regarding Celebration of 550 years Parkash Utsav of Sh. Guru Nanak Dev ji. 15-Mar-2018
15-Mar-201814147-352 Request for supply of books in Hindi,English & Regional language to Parliament Liberrary 15-Mar-2018
14-Mar-201813936-86 Regarding sitting arrangement/sitting plan in head office and shakti vihar complex. 14-Mar-2018
13-Mar-201813890-13890 To call quotation regarding electricqal equipment for departmental exams. 14-Mar-2018
13-Mar-201813884-13884 To call quotation regarding Tent & Furniture for departmental exams. 14-Mar-2018
28-Feb-201810778-10988 Regarding change of telephone Numbers of CMD office & All Directors due to FBBG Plan. 07-Mar-2018
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