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22-Sep-2017 Gen40033-40683  Allotment of premises to Pensioners Association for carrying out meetings 22-Sep-2017
22-Sep-2017 40688-40778  To maintain law & order and harmony in public interest . 22-Sep-2017
20-Sep-2017 GENERAL-10330  PUBLIC NOTICE - REGARDING SECTION 144 20-Sep-2017
19-Sep-2017 39576-39773  Installation of LED lights at Government Buildings. 19-Sep-2017
08-Sep-2017 2109-2161  Information of mobile connection for Revenue Supdt., SAS Supdt. DA.Supdt. & RA 08-Sep-2017
07-Sep-2017 2100-2104  Information of mobile connection issued to ALM and Lineman by PSPCL. 08-Sep-2017
05-Sep-2017 4616-4671  Regarding Inspection of outsourcing working vehicles in PSPCL 06-Sep-2017
31-Aug-2017 38444-38449  Regarding obsolete disposal of record lying in offices of cooridors of Head Office building. 31-Aug-2017
29-Aug-2017 37412-38167  Implementation of the recommendation of the fifth Punjab Pay Commission-Grant of Mobile Allowance. 29-Aug-2017
29-Aug-2017 37343-403  Regarding Information of PSPCL Offices working in Private Buildings 29-Aug-2017
24-Aug-2017 36827-36995  To avoid use of words Harijan & Girijan in Casts Certificate of routine office work. 24-Aug-2017
24-Aug-2017 36650-36818  ACCESS TO WATER TANKS/MOBILE TOWERS. 24-Aug-2017
18-Aug-2017 36077-36277  Demand of Executive diary and calander for the year 2018 25-Aug-2017
18-Aug-2017 35843-36013  To maintain law & order and harmony in public interest (only for Patiala Distt) 18-Aug-2017
14-Aug-2017 GENERAL1-35224  Using Government (Official) EMAIL IDs for Official Work. 14-Aug-2017
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