CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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Dated SubjectUploaded On
18-Dec-2017SBM-2 P Note punched through SBM machine 18-Dec-2017
07-Dec-2017CRM-35 Change Of Name Order Manual in CRM 07-Dec-2017
07-Dec-2017CRM-34 Load Change Order Manual in CRM 07-Dec-2017
07-Dec-2017CRM-33 New Connection Order in CRM , Updated 07-Dec-2017
06-Dec-2017ISU-6 Gaushalla consumers as on 6 Dec 2017 06-Dec-2017
28-Nov-2017ISU-5 User Manual of Load change order for VDS 28-Nov-2017
17-Nov-2017ISU-4 User manual for SAP single window v-1 17-Nov-2017
17-Nov-2017ISU-3 Report Meter issued but not installed 17-Nov-2017
10-Oct-2017ISU-2 Manual to upload documents against BP using T-code in ISU 10-Oct-2017
26-Sep-2017ManualFI-24 User manual to Lock the Amount 26-Sep-2017
26-Sep-2017CRM-32 Manual of BE concession removal without user id 26-Sep-2017
01-Sep-2017SAP-M-1 Point wise reply of queries raised by field offices 01-Sep-2017
01-Sep-2017PM-4 Process for creating the Substation in GIS System 01-Sep-2017
01-Sep-2017PM-3 Process for creation of Substation Panel for New Feeders 01-Sep-2017
25-Aug-2017DM-1 Meter Rent Detail with Material Code 25-Aug-2017
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