CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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Dated SubjectUploaded On
10-May-2018PPT-1 Overview on SAP for IPDS towns 10-May-2018
30-Apr-2018manual-31 User manual for saubhagya scheme 30-Apr-2018
23-Apr-2018manual-30 Mass creation of disconnection order 23-Apr-2018
23-Apr-2018manual-29 Updation of SDO XEN transfer in SAP 23-Apr-2018
23-Apr-2018manual-28 SDO approval in ZNCO and ZDRP for load above 100kva 23-Apr-2018
11-Apr-2018CRM-34 User Manual to update BP details 11-Apr-2018
09-Apr-2018manual-27 revised AP File format 09-Apr-2018
06-Apr-2018ManualFI-25 User manual to extract the assessment of cow cess and MT from SAP. 06-Apr-2018
15-Mar-2018CRM-33 New Connection Order Manual in CRM Updated 15-Mar-2018
26-Feb-2018CRM-38 Manual to Update Legacy Account in CA 26-Feb-2018
26-Feb-2018CRM-37 Manual to upload Factor for Freedom Fighter Concession 26-Feb-2018
19-Feb-2018CRM-36 Change of Name order along with Load Change order Manual 19-Feb-2018
24-Jan-2018BI-1 User manual to extract the report for consumer having monthly consumption less than 200 units. 24-Jan-2018
18-Dec-2017SBM-2 P Note punched through SBM machine 18-Dec-2017
07-Dec-2017CRM-35 Change Of Name Order Manual in CRM 07-Dec-2017
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