CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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DatedOrderNoSubjectUploaded On
10-Sep-2020IT 11-2020 DM-Instruction regarding upload using excel sheet in SAP 10-Sep-2020
22-Aug-2020IT 10-2020 CRM- 52 Manual To Reverse Bill Beyond 60 Days 22-Aug-2020
10-Aug-2020IT 9-2020 CRM-51 Manual to get detailed report of Board Employees availing concession in SAP 10-Aug-2020
17-Jul-2020IT 8-2020 CRM-50 Manual to update factor for LED Bulb under KLBY Scheme 17-Jul-2020
03-Jul-2020IT 7-2020 Feedback-1 Feedback for SAP Issues 17-Jul-2020
29-Jun-2020IT 6-2020 SOLAR-1 Process to install Bi-Directional & Solar Meter 17-Jul-2020
12-May-2020IT 5-2020 NEW CONSUMER TAGGING PROCESS 12-May-2020
31-Mar-2020IT 4-2020 CRM-49 Manual to reverse Archive Bill(beyond 60 Days) 30-Apr-2020
31-Mar-2020IT 3-2020 CRM-48 Manual to release Outsort Bill 31-Mar-2020
08-Jan-2020IT 2-2020 CRM-47 Manual to update Lamp count for PL consumers 13-Mar-2020
01-Jan-2020IT 1-2020 CRM-46 ED/MT updation for Rural Urban Connections 13-Mar-2020
19-Dec-2019manual-38 Manual to update Water supply Scheme 19-Dec-2019
21-Nov-2019manual-37 Updated MCO process 21-Nov-2019
08-Nov-2019ManualFI-28 User manual to generate enforcement notice 08-Nov-2019
23-Oct-2019manual-36 Direct supply Manual 23-Oct-2019
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