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19-Jul-2017 ManualFI-23  Updated-User manual for extracting Defaulting Amount Report from SAP 19-Jul-2017
14-Jul-2017 SBM-1  Feeder and Substation Data 14-Jul-2017
11-May-2017 ManualFI-22  User manual for extracting Energy Non-Energy Payment Report from SAP 11-May-2017
09-May-2017 Manual-27  User manual to create Move-in for CON cases 09-May-2017
24-Apr-2017 ISU-1  Manual for mass assignment/printing of service orders in ISU 24-Apr-2017
19-Apr-2017 ManualFI-21  User manual for extracting Unbill Revenue Report from SAP 19-Apr-2017
19-Apr-2017 ManualFI-20  User Manual for Extracting Interest Report from SAP. 19-Apr-2017
05-Apr-2017 CRM-28  User manual for updation of retirement date for BE concession 05-Apr-2017
07-Mar-2017 CRM-27  User manual to update Admissible & Supply voltage 07-Mar-2017
03-Mar-2017 SAP-1  SAP FAQ 03-Mar-2017
01-Mar-2017 CRM-26  User manual to update Continuous supply flag 01-Mar-2017
08-Feb-2017 CRM-24  Updation of flags via M20 except BE concession 08-Feb-2017
19-Jan-2017 PM-2  User Manual for Estimate Creation in SAP 19-Jan-2017
12-Jan-2017 WSS-2  Single window process for SAP consumers 12-Jan-2017
06-Dec-2016 ManualFI-18  User Manual for Extracting ACD and Meter Security report from SAP 06-Dec-2016
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