O/o Chief Engineer/IT (SAP Updates)
Dated SubjectUploaded On
19-Mar-2015 AMR-4  DCU Start up Guide 19-Mar-2015
19-Mar-2015 AMR-3  Procedure for AMR cabling at Sub-stations 19-Mar-2015
23-Jan-2015 AMR-2  Responsibilities of P&M wing for AMR Project 23-Jan-2015
23-Jan-2015 AMR-1  Director/Distribution Instruction no. 09 dated 26.12.2013 for AMR project responsibilities. 23-Jan-2015
21-Jan-2015 spl-9  R-APDRP Part A IT Implementation 21-Jan-2015
21-Jan-2015 Manual-3  Key Exception Mass Assignment 21-Jan-2015
30-Dec-2014 spl-8  outsort and implausible check 30-Dec-2014
22-Dec-2014 Manual-2  Set Variables for PLEC 22-Dec-2014
22-Dec-2014 Manual-1  Misc. order for PLEC 22-Dec-2014
19-Dec-2014 Spl-7  SAP T-Codes(Updated) 19-Dec-2014
19-Dec-2014 Spl-6  New Reports 19-Dec-2014
05-Dec-2014 9849-83  Regarding Periodic updation of website 05-Dec-2014
26-Nov-2014 Spl-5  SAP T-Codes 26-Nov-2014
26-Nov-2014 Spl-4  User Manual to access Energy Audit Reports 26-Nov-2014
21-Nov-2014 Spl-3  Free Access to all CBIP Publications (more than 5000 publications) since 1927 21-Nov-2014
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