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29-Jun-2017 -20  Empanelment of Adv Rupinderpal Singh as Junior Counsel at High Court 06-Jul-2017
29-Jun-2017 -19  Empanelment of Adv. Gagan Sharma as Junior and Adv. Sumeet Puri as Senior Counsel at High Court 06-Jul-2017
29-Jun-2017 -18  Empanelment of Adv Anandita Sukhija for District Courts Malout as Junior Counsel 30-Jun-2017
27-Jun-2017 -17  Empanelment of Adv Mohinder Loona for District Courts Fazilka as Senior Counsel 30-Jun-2017
23-Jun-2017 -16  Empanelment of Adv. Rajat Dhillon, Gurpreet Singh Bhasin and Karanpal Singh Chadha 23-Jun-2017
23-Jun-2017 -15  Empanelment of Adv. Rohit Gupta, Piyush Agarwal and GBS Dhillon on High Court 23-Jun-2017
20-Jun-2017 -14  Empanelment of Adv. Ankush Aggarwal for District Courts Mohali as Junior Counsel 20-Jun-2017
16-Jun-2017 -0  HIGH COURT PANEL 16-Jun-2017
12-Jun-2017 -13  Empanelment of Adv.Apoorva Agrawal for Supreme Court of India 20-Jun-2017
05-Jun-2017 -12  Empanelment of Sh. Harpreet Sandhu, Sh. Charanjit Bakshi as Senior and Smt. Gurleen Dhanoa as Junior 06-Jun-2017
05-Jun-2017 -11  Empanelment of Adv. Rajinder Kaur as Senior and Sh. Abhaysher Singh as Junior 06-Jun-2017
19-May-2017 -9  Empanelment of Adv. Dhruv Pall on the panel of Supreme Court of India 19-May-2017
19-May-2017 -10  Empanelment of Adv. Tarun Vir Singh Lehal for High Court as Junior Counsel 24-May-2017
19-May-2017 -0  SUPREME COURT PANEL 19-May-2017
26-Apr-2017 -8  Additional Order in continuation of office order no. 7 dated 07.04.17 regarding SSC, PSPCL 27-Apr-2017
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