O/o LEGAL ADVISOR (Advocates On PSPCL Panel)
Dated SubjectUploaded On
21-Mar-2017 -4  Empanelment of Adv. Jasdeep SIngh Sidhu for District Courts Patiala as Junior Counsel 21-Mar-2017
17-Mar-2017 -3  Empanelment of Adv. Manish Midha for District Courts Ludhiana as Junior Counsel 22-Mar-2017
17-Mar-2017 -2  Empanelment of Adv. SaurabhSharma for District Courts Amritsar as Junior Counsel 22-Mar-2017
07-Mar-2017 -0  HIGH COURT PANEL 07-Mar-2017
15-Feb-2017 -1  Deletion of name of Sh. Sanjeev Sahota Advocate from Panel of District Courts Amritsar 15-Feb-2017
29-Dec-2016 -48  Empanelment of Adv.Mandeep Singh, Ludhiana and Dilpreet Singh, Patiala as Junior Counsel 03-Jan-2017
20-Dec-2016 -0  DISTRICT COURTS PANEL 20-Dec-2016
15-Dec-2016 -47  Empanelment of Adv. Bhupinder Singh and Jaskaran Singh as junior counsels at District Jalandhar 16-Dec-2016
14-Dec-2016 -46  Empanelment of Adv Mani Goyal for District Courts Sangrur as Senior Counsel 16-Dec-2016
14-Dec-2016 -45  Deletion of name of Sh. Jagjit Singh Sandhu Advocate from Panel of Civil Courts Rajpura 16-Dec-2016
25-Nov-2016 -44  Empanelment of Adv. Nipun Bhalla District Courts Nawanshahr as Junior Counsel 29-Nov-2016
25-Nov-2016 -43  Empanelment of Adv. Ajayveer Singh Sandhu for High Court as Junior Counsel 29-Nov-2016
21-Nov-2016 -42  Empanelment of Adv. Pratula Sethi for High Court as Junior Counsel 22-Nov-2016
17-Nov-2016 -41  Empanelment of Adv. Amrinder Pal Singh Tung for High Court as Junior Counsel 22-Nov-2016
10-Nov-2016 -0  SUPREME COURT PANEL 10-Nov-2016
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