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23-Apr-2018-10 Deletion of name of Adv. Tuneet Walia from High Court Panel 26-Apr-2018
18-Apr-2018-9 Empanelment of Adv. Amarpreet Singh Deol as Senior and Himmat Singh Deol as Junior Counsel 23-Apr-2018
18-Apr-2018-8 Empanelment of Adv Sahil Sehgal for District Courts Amritsar as Junior Counsel 23-Apr-2018
02-Apr-2018-7 Empanelment of Adv. Reet Iqbal Singh Majhail as senior and Dinesh Tiwari as Junior Counsel 03-Apr-2018
22-Mar-2018-6 Empanelment of Adv Sanjeev Bhusri for District Courts Fazilka as Senior Counsel 03-Apr-2018
19-Mar-2018-4 Empanelment of Adv Dharminder Kumar Dadra for District Courts Hoshiarpur as Senior Counsel 21-Mar-2018
01-Mar-2018-3 Empanelment of Adv Sachin Chaudhary for Civil Courts Malerkotla as Junior Counsel 05-Mar-2018
13-Feb-2018-2 Empanelment of Adv. Amit Tandon and Adv. Sushma Singla as Junior Counsels 16-Feb-2018
02-Jan-2018-1 Empanelment of Adv. Gajender Singh and Sahil Singh Chauhan 05-Jan-2018
14-Dec-2017-58 Inclusion of name of Adv. Hardeep Singh Bajaj in the Senior counsels at Ferozepur 22-Dec-2017
11-Dec-2017-57 Empanelment of Adv N.K. Prashar as Senior Counsel at High Court 14-Dec-2017
08-Dec-2017-0 HIGH COURT PANEL 08-Dec-2017
06-Dec-2017-0 DISTRICT COURTS PANEL 2017 06-Dec-2017
04-Dec-2017-56 Empanelment of Adv Navandeep Singh Matta as Junior Counsel at High Court 08-Dec-2017
04-Dec-2017-55 Empanelment of Adv Sunny K. Singla as Junior Counsel at High Court 08-Dec-2017
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