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16-Jul-20192353-2379 Postponement of MIR Meeting (Part-2) 16-Jul-2019
16-Jul-20192323-2343 Postponement of MIR Meeting (Part-1) 16-Jul-2019
03-Jul-20192196-2222 MIR Meeting (Part-2) to be held on 23.7.2019 03-Jul-2019
03-Jul-20192175-2195 MIR Meeting (Part-1) to be held on 17.7.2019 03-Jul-2019
18-Jun-201995-526 Bonus for the year 2018-19 18-Jun-2019
14-May-201928419-28443 MIR Meeting Part 2 14-May-2019
14-May-201928400-28418 MIR Meeting Part-1 14-May-2019
03-Apr-20191205-1238 compliance of laws 03-Apr-2019
29-Mar-201929524-29874 Charge of Director/Generation 29-Mar-2019
29-Mar-201929173-29523 Charge of Director/Commercial 29-Mar-2019
08-Feb-2019551-603 MCA Notification dt. 22nd January 2019 08-Feb-2019
25-Jan-2019279-328 complete history of reverse auctioning 25-Jan-2019
17-Jan-2019177-226 Regarding Submission / Approval of Agenda having Financial Implication 17-Jan-2019
03-Jan-2019963-1042 Notie of MIR Meeting 03-Jan-2019
18-Dec-201855797-55862 Notice of MIR Meeting quarter ending Sept.2018 18-Dec-2018
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