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13-Sep-201869860-70160 Rescheduling of MIR Meeting June 2018 13-Sep-2018
28-Aug-201866179-66239 Notice of MIR Meeting 28-Aug-2018
24-Aug-201864776-64826 compliance with the provisions of Companies Act 2013- compliance thereof 24-Aug-2018
20-Jun-201848639-49189 Charge of Director/Commercial 20-Jun-2018
05-Jun-20181416-1466 Extension in Tender Dates 05-Jun-2018
25-May-201838806-38866 MIR Meeting - March 2018 postponed 25-May-2018
22-May-201833462-33512 Well Preparedness for attending the Meeting. 22-May-2018
03-May-201828409-28467 Notice of mir Meeting to be held on 28.5.2018 03-May-2018
18-Apr-201825493-25543 Reminder regarding linking of AADHAR of employees 18-Apr-2018
12-Apr-201823486-24036 Charge of Director Generation 12-Apr-2018
23-Mar-201814708-15258 Shifting of IPC Section under CE/Thermal Designs 23-Mar-2018
07-Mar-201811432-11482 Engagement of Advocates- Fee thereof 07-Mar-2018
21-Feb-201810114-10174 Postpone of MIR Meeting- December-2017 21-Feb-2018
13-Feb-20188855-8947 Notice of MIR Meeting 13-Feb-2018
06-Feb-20188463-8513 CE/CD&C Agenda No. 310 Dated 11.12.2017- Purchase proposal for procurement of 8180 MT of OPC 06-Feb-2018
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