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05-Dec-201771544-604 Notice of MIR Meeting September-2017 05-Dec-2017
20-Nov-201769029-69579 Charge of Director/Distribution and Director/Generation 20-Nov-2017
17-Nov-201768266-68316 Number of copies of agenda for Meetings 17-Nov-2017
23-Oct-201763724-64104 charge of Director Generation 23-Oct-2017
29-Sep-201760044-60102 Mir Meeting latest notice 29-Sep-2017
27-Sep-201759783-59843 postponement of MIR Meeting 27-Sep-2017
25-Sep-201756427-56447 Bonus office order 27-Sep-2017
18-Sep-201755621-55628 Notice of MIR Meeting 18-Sep-2017
29-Aug-201751297-51347 compliance of laws 31-Aug-2017
25-Jul-201730057-30121 postpone of MIR Meeting 25-Jul-2017
03-Jul-201726798-863 Notice of MIR Meeting 03-Jul-2017
29-Jun-201739841-39891 Prepardness for meetings of WTD/Board by HODs 29-Jun-2017
15-May-201725411-25454 Linking of Adhar Card 15-May-2017
15-May-20171128-1161 Compliance of Laws 15-May-2017
06-May-2017834-932 Notice of MIR Meeting 06-May-2017
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