O/o Company Secretary (Circulars And Office Orders)
Dated SubjectUploaded On
15-May-2017 25411-25454  Linking of Adhar Card 15-May-2017
15-May-2017 1128-1161  Compliance of Laws 15-May-2017
06-May-2017 834-932  Notice of MIR Meeting 06-May-2017
21-Apr-2017 77-526  Delegation of powers 21-Apr-2017
21-Apr-2017 19816-19914  Notice of MIR Meeting 21-Apr-2017
03-Apr-2017 16691-16753  MIR Meeting Notice 03-Apr-2017
20-Mar-2017 76-526  Distribution of Charges with Director/Administration 20-Mar-2017
15-Feb-2017 222-234  last reminder for compliance of laws 15-Feb-2017
17-Jan-2017 50-75  Reminder for Compliance of Laws 17-Jan-2017
17-Jan-2017 3268-3318  No of Copies of Agenda 17-Jan-2017
30-Dec-2016 3070-3104  COMPLIANCE OF LAWS 30-Dec-2016
24-Nov-2016 00-0  CSR Policy of Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd. 24-Nov-2016
24-Nov-2016 00-0  Vigil Mechanism of PSPCL 24-Nov-2016
21-Nov-2016 74-636  Bonus revision circular 22-Nov-2016
24-Oct-2016 72-526  functions and duties of Directors 24-Oct-2016
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