CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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13-Sep-2017 Personnel-30  Posting order of Sh. Abhinav Kalia,Elect/Gr-2 in BBMB 18-Sep-2017
23-Aug-2017 Personnel-29  Cancellation of posting orders of Sh. Sukhdev Singh JE/SS (Code 225590) 24-Aug-2017
17-Aug-2017 Personnel-28  Deputation order of Smt. Kulwant Kaur (208527) 17-Aug-2017
17-Aug-2017 Personnel-27  Deputation order of Sh. Jarnail Singh Dehal (Code No 288367) 17-Aug-2017
16-Aug-2017 P-Memo-1028  Regarding Nomination of AEE/AE to be Posted in BBMB 16-Aug-2017
07-Aug-2017 Personnel-83  Filling up the post of Chairman & Managing Director SJVNL Limted 07-Aug-2017
03-Aug-2017 Personnel-26  Deputation order of Sh Rajesh Kumar (SSA), Sh Pawan Dev (FM) & Sh Shiv Singh (T-Mate) 03-Aug-2017
02-Aug-2017 Personnel-25  Deputation order of Smt Anju Singla (code 215820) & Smt Ravneet Kaur (code 240025) Sr. Asstts. 02-Aug-2017
12-Jul-2017 personnel-24  Cancellation of office order no. 35 dt. 28.12.2016, Sh. Kiran Kapoor (Code 109673) 13-Jul-2017
04-Jul-2017 personnel-23  Deputation order of Er Rahul Mody (Code 104127) 05-Jul-2017
27-Jun-2017 personnel-22  Deputation order of Er Sarabjit Singh Dadwal (Code 104542) 28-Jun-2017
21-Jun-2017 personnel-21  Deputation order of Sh Ashish Baba JPA (Code 316982) 21-Jun-2017
21-Jun-2017 personnel-20  Deputation order of Smt Kusam Sharma AAO (Code 234112) 21-Jun-2017
07-Jun-2017 personnel-18  Extension in deputation period Er Pritpal Singh AEE(Code 107387) 07-Jun-2017
06-Jun-2017 Personnel-17  Repatriation order of Er. Parupkar Singh, Addl. SE (Code-105872) 06-Jun-2017
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