O/o Dy. Secy Personnel(Posting Transfer)
Dated SubjectUploaded On
26-May-2017 personnel-15  Deputation order of Smt Pujita Khosla UDC Accounts (Code 307132) 26-May-2017
25-May-2017 personnel-14  Deputation order of Smt Aprajita Thakur Sr. Asstt. (code 213075) 26-May-2017
12-May-2017 personnel-13  Deputation order of JE/S/S,Instrument superwiser,SSA and LM 15-May-2017
12-May-2017 Personnel-12  Amendment in office order 8 dt. 04.05.2017 12-May-2017
10-May-2017 personnel-11  Regularised period of deputation of Er.Inderpal singh (Code 108472) 10-May-2017
08-May-2017 personnel-10  Cancelation of office order no 34 dt 17.08.2015 Smt Anupam Dy Manager/HR 08-May-2017
04-May-2017 personnel-9  Deputation order of Smt Renu Bala (217270) Smt Vidhu Mittal (315255) Sh Mukesh Kumar (215785) 04-May-2017
04-May-2017 personnel-8  Deputation order of Er Rahul Kansal(Code 107544) 04-May-2017
21-Apr-2017 personnel-7  Deputation order of Smt Renu Sharma Circle Asstt (Code 213055) 24-Apr-2017
18-Apr-2017 personnel-6  Deputation order of Er Jatinder Singh Jammu (Code 104802) 18-Apr-2017
21-Mar-2017 personnel-4  Deputation order of Er Rupinderjit Singh Randhwa (Code 104519) 21-Mar-2017
03-Jan-2017 Personnel-3  Reconstitute the Committee Members for Cases of Sexual Harrassment to Women 04-Jan-2017
03-Jan-2017 Personnel-1  Partial amendment of office order no 26 dt 23.11.2016 04-Jan-2017
28-Dec-2016 Personnel-35  Repatriation order of Sh. Kiran Kapoor (Code 109673 ) AO 28-Dec-2016
27-Dec-2016 Personnel-34  Extension in deputation period Er. Parupkar Singh Addl SE (Code 105872) 28-Dec-2016
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