O/o CE/PPR (PR Circulars)
Dated SubjectUploaded On
09-Aug-2016 SplOA-2016  Levy of Additional Surcharge on Open Access Consumers-PSERC Order dt 09082016 09-Aug-2016
29-Jul-2016 01-2016  Withdrawal of Instructions regarding Peak Load Restrictions/Exemptions/Violations w.e.f 1st Aug 2016 29-Jul-2016
03-Dec-2015 03-2015  Re-constitution of committee for the grant of Continuous Process Status to Industrial Consumers 03-Dec-2015
03-Jul-2015 02-2015  Contact details regarding intimation of Regulatory Measures 03-Jul-2015
01-Jun-2015 01-2015  PSERC/secy./Regu.103- Notification Regarding Ammendment in Open Acess Regulation 01-Jun-2015
31-Mar-2015 01-2015  Timings of Peak Load Hour Restrictions 31-Mar-2015
29-Aug-2014 11-2014  Procedure for grant of Peak load Exemptions 29-Aug-2014
24-Jul-2014 10-2014  Relaxation in power regulatory measures till further orders 24-Jul-2014
23-Jul-2014 09-2014  Relaxation in power regulatory measures upto 24.7.2014 23-Jul-2014
22-Jul-2014 08-2014  Relaxation in power regulatory measures upto 23.7.2014 22-Jul-2014
21-Jul-2014 07-2014  Relaxation in power regulatory measures-Extension 21-Jul-2014
20-Jul-2014 06-2014  Relaxation in power Regulatory Measures-Extension Regarding 20-Jul-2014
19-Jul-2014 05-2014  Relaxation of power regulatory measures 19-Jul-2014
18-Jul-2014 04-2014  Relaxation in power regulatory measures for 18 july 2014 18-Jul-2014
14-Jul-2014 03-2014  Power Regulatory Measures on MS & SP Consumers 15-Jul-2014
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