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14-Jul-2017 DyCE-Per-346  SMAPing OF ALL NON-GAZETTED EMPLOYEES OF PSPCL. 14-Jul-2017
15-Jun-2017 DyCE-Per-261  Implementation of Transfer Orders. 15-Jun-2017
12-Jun-2017 DyCE-Per-205  Ban on Posting & Transfers due to Paddy Season. 12-Jun-2017
23-May-2017 DyCE-Per-197  REMINDER For ALL DDOs -To Update HR DATA of all Non-Gazetted Employees through Online HR Package. 23-May-2017
11-May-2017 DyCE-Per-173  For ALL DDOs - To Update Vacancy Position of all Non - Gazetted Employees through Online HR Package. 11-May-2017
11-May-2015 Personnel-181  Regarding ACRs for the assessment year 2014-15-Reminder 15-May-2015
13-Mar-2015 se-pers-57  Information regarding vacant posts. 13-Mar-2015
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