CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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Dated SubjectUploaded On
08-Jun-2017 GC-108-67  Permotion order RTM to OC 08-Jun-2017
11-May-2017 2423-32  Regarding RTM to OC upto 31-12-2016 11-May-2017
17-Apr-2017 1833-39  regarding promotion of RTM to OC upto 31.12.2016 17-Apr-2017
24-Mar-2017 1408-14  Regarding Remainder Promotion of RTM to OC upto 31.12.2016 24-Mar-2017
01-Mar-2017 1026-49  Regarding Promotion of RTM to OC 01-Mar-2017
20-Oct-2016 6693-6703  regarding promotion of WORKCHARGE/RTM to OC 20-Oct-2016
20-Oct-2016 6662-92  regarding promotion of OC to SSA 20-Oct-2016
15-Sep-2016 6058-88  Regarding Promotion of OC to SSA 15-Sep-2016
15-Sep-2016 6027-57  Regarding reminder of information about ALM posted against SSA 15-Sep-2016
24-Aug-2016 5601-5630  Regarding SSA/ALM 24-Aug-2016
24-Aug-2016 5570-5600  Regarding OC to SSA 24-Aug-2016
04-Aug-2016 GC-108-5251  Work Charge / RTM to OC Option 05-Aug-2016
26-Jul-2016 GC-110-5030  OC to SSA Senority 27-Jul-2016
26-Jul-2016 GC-108-508  WorkCharge to OC 27-Jul-2016
23-Jun-2016 GC-108-4360  Option from RTM to O.C. 24-Jun-2016
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