CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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06-Nov-2019BEG4-203 Deemed date of Sandeep Singh Chahal AEE code 109377 07-Nov-2019
29-Oct-2019BEG6-198 Deemed date as Sr. XEN Er. Rohit Kumar Gupta 107872 30-Oct-2019
29-Oct-2019BEG6-197 Deemed date as Sr. XEN Er. Manjit Singh 107960 30-Oct-2019
29-Oct-2019BEG6-196 Deemed date as Sr. XEN Er. Balbir Singh Hari 107870 30-Oct-2019
29-Oct-2019BEG6-195 Deemed date as Sr. XEN Er. Sonia Khatri 107871 30-Oct-2019
21-Oct-2019BEG4-193 Deemed date order as AEE recruited under CRA 272 of 2011 21-Oct-2019
09-Oct-2019BEG4-188 Deemed date of Er. Kuldeep Singh AEE code 108313 09-Oct-2019
09-Oct-2019BEG4-187 Deemed date of Er. Kunal Kalra AEE code 109201 09-Oct-2019
04-Oct-2019BEG6-185 Deemed date as Sr. XEN Er. Sumail Singh 107571 09-Oct-2019
20-Sep-2019BEG4-176 Deemed date of Amandeep Singh AEE code 109182 20-Sep-2019
17-Sep-2019BEG6-173 Deemed date as AE Er.Navneet Kumar 110377 19-Sep-2019
17-Sep-2019BEG6-172 Removal of condition of Er.Kamal Kishor 110356 19-Sep-2019
17-Sep-2019BEG6-171 Deemed date as Sr. XEN Er. Harmail Singh 107862 19-Sep-2019
16-Sep-2019BEG6-170 Deemed date as Sr. XEN 16.09.19 Er.Sukhpal Singh 107634 19-Sep-2019
09-Sep-2019BEG6-166 Removal of condition of Jatinder Kumar 109032 09-Sep-2019
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