CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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Dated SubjectUploaded On
13-Dec-201710832-10931 Tentative sty LIST OF AEE ELECT. 01.07.09 TO 30.06.12 14-Dec-2017
03-Nov-201710582-10681 Tentative sty of dy.CE. SE.civil dt.01.04.17 to 30.09.17 06-Nov-2017
03-Nov-201710457-10556 TANTATIVE STY OF EIC. CE.CIVIL DT 01.04.17 TO 30.09.17 06-Nov-2017
18-Oct-201710264-10363 Final sty LIST OF SR. XEN ELECT. 01.07.06 TO 30.06.07. 18-Oct-2017
16-Oct-201710134-10233 REVISED TENTATIVE STY LIST OF AE ELECT. 01.10.07 TO 31.12.10 & TENTATIVE STY 1.1.11 TO 30.06.12 17-Oct-2017
04-Oct-20179983-10082 FINAL STY LIST OF Dy CAO 1.4.16 TO 31.12.16. 06-Oct-2017
04-Oct-20179858-9957 Tentative sty LIST OF SR. XEN ELECT. 01.07.07 TO 30.06.08. 06-Oct-2017
04-Oct-20179733-9832 Final sty LIST OF AEE/ ELECT. 01.01.08 TO 30.06.09. 11-Oct-2017
27-Sep-20179601-9700 FINAL STY LIST OF PS officer 1.4.16 TO 31.12.16. 29-Sep-2017
27-Sep-20179476-9575 FINAL STY LIST OF SR.PS officer 1.4.16 TO 31.12.16. 29-Sep-2017
01-Sep-20179287-9386 FINAL STY LIST OF stock verification officer 1.4.16 TO 31.12.16. 05-Sep-2017
01-Sep-20179162-9261 FINAL STY LIST OF chief welfare officer & labour welfare officer 1.4.16 TO 31.12.16. 05-Sep-2017
01-Sep-20179037-9136 FINAL STY LIST OF BOILER SUPERDENT 1.4.16 TO 31.12.16. 05-Sep-2017
01-Sep-20178912-9011 FINAL STY LIST OF SYSTEM SOFTWARE MANAGER 1.4.16 TO 31.12.16. 05-Sep-2017
01-Sep-20178862-8761 FINAL STY LIST OF law officer 1.4.16 TO 31.12.16. 01-Sep-2017
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