CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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18-Dec-2017BEGII-52999 5th Reminder regarding backlog of SC Category 18-Dec-2017
18-Dec-2017BEGII-342 Additional Charge to Sh Hardeep SinghChoudhary, Chief Auditor 18-Dec-2017
18-Dec-2017BEGII-341 Transfer of Harpal Singh as CAO/Revenue & Additional Charge 18-Dec-2017
15-Dec-2017BEGII-340 Promotion of Under Secy to Dy Secy 15-Dec-2017
14-Dec-2017BEGII-51831 Regarding stoppage of Running Roster 14-Dec-2017
11-Dec-2017BEGII-51488 Reminder Regarding Continuation in Service after age of 55 years 11-Dec-2017
08-Dec-2017BEGII-336 Additional Charge to Sh Lakvir Singh, AO 08-Dec-2017
05-Dec-2017BEGII-335 Resignation of Er.Puneet Kalyan AE/Civil (Code No.109787) 05-Dec-2017
01-Dec-2017BEGII-333 Retirement order of month of December 2017 01-Dec-2017
01-Dec-2017BEGII-332 Resignation of Er. Raghav Khajuria AE/Civil(109485) 01-Dec-2017
27-Nov-2017BEGII-325 Retirement order of Sh. Sudhir Kumar, Supdt.Grade-1 27-Nov-2017
24-Nov-2017BEGII-323 Promotion /posting of Supdt.Grade-1 24-Nov-2017
24-Nov-2017BEGII-322 The placement of Sh Vinod Bansal FA in the scale of Chief engineer ratified 24-Nov-2017
21-Nov-2017BEGII-48213 Medical Fitness for continuation in service after age of 55 years 21-Nov-2017
21-Nov-2017BEGII-321 Charging of pay Sh Satish Kumar, PS 21-Nov-2017
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