CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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11-Sep-2018BEGII-42880 Reminder regarding counting of employees Board/Corporations 11-Sep-2018
11-Sep-2018BEGII-291 Amendment of O/o No 159 dt 15.05.18 11-Sep-2018
07-Sep-2018BEGII-291 Additional Charge to Sh Ved Vyas, Dy CAO 07-Sep-2018
06-Sep-2018BEGII-289 Retirement order of month of September 18 06-Sep-2018
30-Aug-2018BEGII-288 Amendment in Retirement O/O 286 Dated 30.8.18 Sh Prem Chand Sr PS 30-Aug-2018
30-Aug-2018BEGII-287 Amendment in Retirement O/O 280 Dated 24.8.18 Sh Harjeet Singh PS 30-Aug-2018
30-Aug-2018BEGII-286 Amendment in Retirement O/O 262 Dated 01.8.18 Sh Prem Chand Sr PS 30-Aug-2018
29-Aug-2018BEGII-285 Posting of Dy Secy 29-Aug-2018
29-Aug-2018BEGII-284 Promotion of PS to Sr. PS 29-Aug-2018
24-Aug-2018BEGII-280 Posting & Transfer of PS 24-Aug-2018
24-Aug-2018BEGII-279 Continuation of O/o 263 dt 02.08.18 Smt Shashi Bala, PS 24-Aug-2018
23-Aug-2018BEGII-278 Additional Charge to Smt Veena Rani, AO 23-Aug-2018
16-Aug-2018BEGII-274 Leave Encashment of Sh Jagjit Singh 17-Sep-2018
13-Aug-2018BEGII-271 Transfer of Dy CAOs 13-Aug-2018
07-Aug-2018BEGII-268 Posting & Transfer of AO 08-Aug-2018
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