CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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20-Aug-2019BEGII-247 Instructions regarding Handicapped 20-Aug-2019
14-Aug-2019BEGII-245 Posting and Transfer of Dy CAs 14-Aug-2019
09-Aug-2019BEGII-242 Posting of Sh Kuldep Singh Harkhi, Jt Secy/Steno 09-Aug-2019
09-Aug-2019BEGII-241 Extension in Retirement Age 09-Aug-2019
06-Aug-2019BEGII-238 Additional Charge 06-Aug-2019
05-Aug-2019BEGII-234 Promotion of Dy Chief Chemist to Chief Chemist 05-Aug-2019
05-Aug-2019BEGII-233 Promotion of PS to Sr. PS 05-Aug-2019
05-Aug-2019BEGII-232 Promotion of Sr. PS to Dy Secy/Steno Cadre 05-Aug-2019
02-Aug-2019BEGII-228 Promotion of Under Secy to Dy Secy 02-Aug-2019
02-Aug-2019BEGII-227 Regular Scale of AO 02-Aug-2019
02-Aug-2019BEGII-226 Continuation of O/o No.167 dt 19.06.19 02-Aug-2019
02-Aug-2019BEGII-224 Retirement Order of the month of August 19 02-Aug-2019
02-Aug-2019BEGII-223 Posting of AO 02-Aug-2019
01-Aug-2019BEGII-222 Regular Scale of CAO 01-Aug-2019
29-Jul-2019BEGII-217 Additional Charge 30-Jul-2019
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