CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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11-Apr-2019BEGII-120 Additional Charge to Er. Kamal Joshi, SE 12-Apr-2019
09-Apr-2019BEGII-22381 Reminder of Long Time Absence of Officers/Employees 12-Apr-2019
03-Apr-2019BEGII-61 Amendment of O/o No 103 dt 27.03.19 03-Apr-2019
02-Apr-2019BEGII-111 Continuation of O/o No 109 dt 29.03.19 Additional Charge to Sh Bhupinder Kumar Kakar 02-Apr-2019
29-Mar-2019BEGII-109 Additional Charge to Sh Bhupinder Kumar Kakar, Dy CAO 29-Mar-2019
29-Mar-2019BEGII-108 Additional Charge to Sh Ved Parkash, Dy CAO 29-Mar-2019
29-Mar-2019BEGII-107 Amendment of O/o No 327 dt 15.10.18 29-Mar-2019
27-Mar-2019BEGII-103 Retirement order of the month of April 19 27-Mar-2019
22-Mar-2019BEGII-21124 Reminder Regarding Counting Of Board/Corporation Employees 25-Mar-2019
22-Mar-2019BEGII-21111 Reminder of Long Time Absence of Officers/Employees 25-Mar-2019
14-Mar-2019BEGII-93 Additional Charge to Sh H S Choudhary, Chief Auditor 14-Mar-2019
13-Mar-2019BEGII-91 Amendment of O/o No 79 dt 05.03.19 20-Mar-2019
11-Mar-2019BEGII-11235 Particular for Promotion of Supdt G-2 to Supdt G-1 14-Mar-2019
10-Mar-2019BEGII-86 Posting & Transfer of AO & Sr AO 10-Mar-2019
08-Mar-2019BEGII-84 Posting & Transfer of AOs 08-Mar-2019
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