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08-Nov-2019BEGII-340 Child Care leave of Smt Monika, Dy CAO (8865) 08-Nov-2019
05-Nov-2019BEGII-334 Posting of Dy CAO 05-Nov-2019
05-Nov-2019BEGII-333 Retirement Order of Sh Sanjeev Kumar, Sr Chemist 05-Nov-2019
04-Nov-2019BEGII-332 Amendment in the O/o No. 331 dt 01.11.19 04-Nov-2019
04-Nov-2019BEGII-331 Performa for Economically Weaker Secition (IRP Section) 04-Nov-2019
01-Nov-2019BEGII-331 Placement in Chief Engineer Scale Sh HS Choudhary 01-Nov-2019
31-Oct-2019BEGII-329 Promotion of Under Secy to Dy Secy 31-Oct-2019
30-Oct-2019BEGII-324 Appointment of Nodel Officer under RPWD Act 2016 30-Oct-2019
25-Oct-2019BEGII-320 Promotion of Shift Chemist to Sr. Chemist 25-Oct-2019
24-Oct-2019BEGII-319 Amendment in the O/o No. 318 dt 24.10.19 24-Oct-2019
24-Oct-2019BEGII-318 Redesignation as Jt.CAO/Jt.CA 24-Oct-2019
18-Oct-2019BEGII-311 Posting of Dy Secy/Stenography 19-Oct-2019
18-Oct-2019BEGII-309 Retirement Order of the month of November 19 21-Oct-2019
17-Oct-2019BEGII-304 Hire On Contract 21-Oct-2019
15-Oct-2019BEGII-249 Extension in Retirement Age 16-Oct-2019
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