O/o Dy. Secy Services-2
Dated SubjectUploaded On
21-Apr-2017 BEGII-93  Posting & Transfer of AM/IR 24-Apr-2017
12-Apr-2017 BEGII-90  Pay Charge of PS 12-Apr-2017
11-Apr-2017 BEGII-94  Premature Retirement Er Sucha Singh, AEE 11-Apr-2017
11-Apr-2017 BEGII-93  Premature Retirement Er Reet Mahinder Singh, AEE 11-Apr-2017
11-Apr-2017 BEGII-88  Posting & Transfer of Sr. PS 11-Apr-2017
31-Mar-2017 BEGII-77  Promotion Of Sh.Rajinder Singh As CAO 31-Mar-2017
31-Mar-2017 BEGII-76  Promotion Of Supdt G-1 to Under Secy 03-Apr-2017
28-Mar-2017 BEGII-78  Amendment Of O/o No 32 dt 13.02.17 29-Mar-2017
20-Mar-2017 BEGII-68  Posting & Transfer of PS 07-Apr-2017
17-Mar-2017 BEG-2-65  Retirement Office Order of Sh.Harbans Singh,AEE 17-Mar-2017
16-Mar-2017 BEGII-62  Amendment Of O/o No 03 dt 04.01.17 16-Mar-2017
15-Mar-2017 BEGII-63  Retirement Order of Er. Raj Kumar as AEE 15-Mar-2017
06-Mar-2017 BEGII-55  Posting of DGM/IT 06-Mar-2017
02-Mar-2017 BEGII-52  Posting of Supdt G-1 02-Mar-2017
28-Feb-2017 BEGII-49  Relieving from services on technical resignation of Smt Kuljeet Kaur 28-Feb-2017
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