CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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25-Sep-2017 BEG-II-40907  Third reminder regarding Backlog of SC category 25-Sep-2017
25-Sep-2017 BEG-II-40886  4th reminder of Punjab Govt. employees under Boards/Corporation 25-Sep-2017
18-Sep-2017 BEGII-260  Withdraw of Promotion Sh Ranjit Singh, AAO against AO 18-Sep-2017
14-Sep-2017 BEGII-255  Promotion of AAO to AO 14-Sep-2017
14-Sep-2017 BEGII-253  Transfer & Posting of AOs 14-Sep-2017
14-Sep-2017 BEGII-252  Posting & Transfer of CFO, FA, CAO & Dy CAO 14-Sep-2017
05-Sep-2017 BEGII-244  Posting & Transfer of Medical officer 05-Sep-2017
04-Sep-2017 BEGII-51623  Third reminder of Punjab Govt.employees under Boards/Corporation 04-Sep-2017
04-Sep-2017 BEG-II-51651  Second reminder regarding Backlog of S.C. category 04-Sep-2017
01-Sep-2017 BEGII-241  Promotion of Supdt G-1 to Under Secy 04-Sep-2017
28-Aug-2017 BEGII-240  Retirement order of Month of October 2017 28-Aug-2017
17-Aug-2017 BEGII-237  Posting of AM/IT 17-Aug-2017
14-Aug-2017 BEGII-230  Retirement Order for the Month of September 2017 14-Aug-2017
14-Aug-2017 BEG-2-34820  Second reminder of Punjab Govt.employees under Boards/Corporation 14-Aug-2017
14-Aug-2017 BEG-2-34779  Reminder regarding Backlog of SC Category 14-Aug-2017
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