CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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26-Feb-2020BEGII-1410 Continuation in service after age of 50/55 years 26-Feb-2020
24-Feb-2020BEGII-57 Retirement order for the month of March 2020 25-Feb-2020
20-Feb-2020BEGII-56 Promotion & Transfer of Dy CAO 20-Feb-2020
19-Feb-2020BEGII-54 Pay Charging of AO 19-Feb-2020
19-Feb-2020BEGII-52 Regarding Promotion Fargo of Smt Anita Rani, Supdt G-2 19-Feb-2020
18-Feb-2020BEGII-51 Regarding Instruction of Extension in service from the age of 58 to 60 years 18-Feb-2020
18-Feb-2020BEGII-1195 Continuation in service after age of 50/55 years 18-Feb-2020
14-Feb-2020BEGII-50 Posting and transfer of Dy CAO/Dy CA 14-Feb-2020
13-Feb-2020BEGII-48 Posting of Dy Secy After Earned Leave 13-Feb-2020
11-Feb-2020BEGII-45 Posting of AM/IT 11-Feb-2020
06-Feb-2020BEGII-40 Posting & Transfer of Dy CAO/ Dy CA 06-Feb-2020
06-Feb-2020BEGII-39 Promotion & Transfer of CAO 06-Feb-2020
30-Jan-2020BEGII-36 Retirement Order of the month of January 2020 30-Jan-2020
30-Jan-2020BEGII-35 Pay Charging of AM/IT 30-Jan-2020
29-Jan-2020BEGII-34 Continuation in O/o No. 333 dt 05.11.19 29-Jan-2020
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