CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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Dated SubjectUploaded On
01-Apr-2016 1001-1151  Pending Disciplinary Cases 01-Apr-2016
19-Feb-2016 99-8308  Suspension Order of Er Rajesh Kumar AEE 8308 19-Feb-2016
15-Jul-2015 9921-447  Office order no. 447 dt. 24-6-15 15-Jul-2015
24-Dec-2014 888-10546  Suspension Order of Er Surinder Singh AEE 6202 05-Jan-2015
28-Nov-2014 818-10015  Office order No 818 05-Jan-2015
27-Nov-2014 812-10534  Suspension Order of Er Mohinderpal JE-1 Now AE 9365 27-Nov-2014
16-Sep-2014 10480-640  Suspension Order of Er Harpreet Singh AEE 8268 17-Sep-2014
29-Aug-2014 9940-3288  Instruction 17-Sep-2014
27-May-2014 10215-334  Office order no. 334 dt. 27-5-14 14-Jul-2015
27-May-2014 10215-333  Office order no. 333 dt. 27-5-14 14-Jul-2015
11-Mar-2014 D-10136-151  Removal from service of Er Randhir Singh AEE Code (5894) 20-Mar-2014
21-Jan-2014 D-9757-25  Removal from service of Er.Neetu Singh AEE (5914) 20-Mar-2014
18-Dec-2013 7663-7813-9940  Instruction displinary cases 27-Aug-2014
22-Aug-2013 D-9899-595  Office order 12-Sep-2013
22-Aug-2013 D-9899-595  office order 12-Sep-2013
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