CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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24-Apr-2019Zone(D)-2325 Promotion particular from Lineman to Foreman 24-Apr-2019
22-Apr-2019Zone(C)M2-3863 Promotion particulars from unqualified LDC to UDC 22-Apr-2019
18-Apr-2019Zone(C)M2-3609 Promotion particulars from Class-IV to LDC 18-Apr-2019
16-Apr-2019Zone(D)-16 Forgo order of Sh. Sunil Mark, DHD 16-Apr-2019
10-Apr-2019Zone(C)M-1-1168 Reg Promotion particulars of SC and handicapped employees from UDC to CA/ARA 10-Apr-2019
05-Apr-2019Zone(D)-15 Defer from promotion Sh. Karam Singh Fitter Gr. 2 05-Apr-2019
03-Apr-2019Zone(T)-3873 Promotion particular from JE/Elect. S/S & Installation to AAE/Elect. 03-Apr-2019
03-Apr-2019Zone(T)-3702 Promotion particular from LM to JE 03-Apr-2019
02-Apr-2019Zone(C)M2-3254 Promotion particulars from qualified LDC to UDC 02-Apr-2019
02-Apr-2019Zone(C)M2-2760 Promotion particulars from Class-IV to LDC 02-Apr-2019
02-Apr-2019Zone(C)M-2-3004 Reg Promotion particulars of Unqualified LDC to UDC 02-Apr-2019
25-Mar-2019Zone(T)-105 Forgo promotion order of Sh. Satish Singh JE S/S 26-Mar-2019
22-Mar-2019Zone(C)M-1-1693 Reg Promotion particulars and disciplinary report from UDC to CA/ARA 22-Mar-2019
14-Mar-2019Zone(C)M-1-1424 Reg Monthly vacancy position 14-Mar-2019
09-Mar-2019Zone(T)-99 Posting & transfer of Sh. Subhpreet Singh JE 09-Mar-2019
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