CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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23-Mar-2018Zone-T-3782 Regarding Disciplinary cases for the promotion of Lineman to JE 23-Mar-2018
23-Mar-2018Zone(T)-94 Posting & Transfer Order of 02 No. AAE 23-Mar-2018
23-Mar-2018Zone(T)-93 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Sukhdev Kumar LM 23-Mar-2018
23-Mar-2018Zone(D)-8 Promotion Order of Cable Jointer to Foreman Cable Jointing 23-Mar-2018
22-Mar-2018Zone(T)-3625 Promotion particular from SSA to JE Sub Station 22-Mar-2018
22-Mar-2018Zone(C)M-1-9 After availing the earned leave Posting orders of Smt Naresh Rani Circle Asstt. 22-Mar-2018
21-Mar-2018Zone(T)-92 Benefit to Contract Linemen recruited under CRA 281/13 22-Mar-2018
21-Mar-2018Zone(D)-202 Particular for Promotion of LM Non Matric and Other Categories to FM Elct. 21-Mar-2018
21-Mar-2018Zone(C)M2-20 Amendment in O/O 16 dt.7.3.18 of Smt.Fuljeet Kaur LDC now UDC/General 21-Mar-2018
20-Mar-2018Zone(T)-91 To amendment in seniority Sh. Ramesh Pal AAE 20-Mar-2018
20-Mar-2018Zone(T)-90 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Jagjit Singh AAE 20-Mar-2018
20-Mar-2018Zone(T)-89 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Gurcharan Singh JE 20-Mar-2018
20-Mar-2018Zone(T)-3390 Reg. Authorization to All EICs/CEs Zones to transfer non-gazetted staff within Zone 21-Mar-2018
16-Mar-2018Zone(T)-3284 Information under RTI Act Bharpur Ram 16-Mar-2018
15-Mar-2018Zone(T)-86 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Ranbir Singh LM 15-Mar-2018
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