O/o Dy. Secy. Zones
Dated SubjectUploaded On
27-May-2017 Zone(T)-167  Sh.Mohit Goyal JE 27-May-2017
27-May-2017 Zone(D)-19  posting & transfer of 7 no. technical & 1 no. peon employee 27-May-2017
26-May-2017 Zone(T)-166  Amendment in o/o no.144 dated 15-5-17 Sh. Tarsem Singh JE to AAE 26-May-2017
26-May-2017 Zone(T)-164  Posting & Transfer Order of 03 No. Tech. Employees 26-May-2017
26-May-2017 Zone(T)-162  Headquarter of Sh. Raj Kumar LM West Divn Patiala 26-May-2017
26-May-2017 Zone(C)M2-1899  Promotion particulars from unqualified LDC to UDC 26-May-2017
26-May-2017 Zone(C)M-1-26  Posting and transfer orders of 4 No. Divnl. Supdt. 26-May-2017
25-May-2017 Zone-T-158  Posting & Transfer order of Sh.Sukhraj Singh ALM 25-May-2017
25-May-2017 Zone(T)-161  Posting & Transfer Order of 05 No. JE 26-May-2017
25-May-2017 Zone(T)-160  Amendment in o/o no. 151 dated 18-5-17 from Jaswinder Singh to Jagwinder Singh LM Contract 25-May-2017
25-May-2017 Zone(T)-159  Posting & Transfer order of 10 No.Tech. & 1 No. UDC Employee 25-May-2017
25-May-2017 Zone(C)M2-37  Posting and transfer of Meenu Gupta UDC/General 25-May-2017
24-May-2017 Zone(T)-157  Cancellation posting & transfer o/o no. 157 dated 24-5-17 of Sh. Mohit Goyal JE 24-May-2017
24-May-2017 Zone(T)-156  Cancellation transfer of 3 No. SSA in o/o No.486 dt. 19.12.16, 27 & 28 dt. 3.1.17 25-May-2017
24-May-2017 Zone(T)-155  Amendment in o/o no.26 dated 3-1-17 Sh. Jaspal Singh JE & 450 dt. 5.12.16 Sh. Amrinder Singh JE 24-May-2017
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