CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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24-Jan-2020Zone(T)-443 Information reg. stay of employees on sensitive seats 24-Jan-2020
24-Jan-2020Zone(T)-397 Information of J.E/Elec. working against the post 24-Jan-2020
24-Jan-2020Zone(D)-41 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Varinder Kumar JE/Elec. (311151) 24-Jan-2020
24-Jan-2020Zone(D)-40 Posting & Transfer Order of 02 No. Technical Employees 24-Jan-2020
24-Jan-2020Zone(D)-39 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Yadwinder Singh RTM (311876) 24-Jan-2020
24-Jan-2020Zone(D)-38 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Surjit Singh ALM (243310) 24-Jan-2020
24-Jan-2020Zone(C)M2-16 Regarding Transfer orders of Ranjeet Kaur 24-Jan-2020
24-Jan-2020Zone(C)M2-15 Regarding Transfer orders of Gurmeet Kaur Peon 24-Jan-2020
24-Jan-2020Zone(C)M2-14 Regarding transfer orders of Amandeep Kaur LDC 24-Jan-2020
24-Jan-2020Zone(C)M1-55 Regarding Updated strike information 24-Jan-2020
23-Jan-2020Zone(T)-253 Promotion particular & disciplinary cases from LM to JE Sty No. up to 17300 Gen, 17500 SC & OH 25000 24-Jan-2020
23-Jan-2020Zone(D)-37 Amendment in o/o No. 32 dt. 22.01.20 Sh. Pawan Kumar JE 23-Jan-2020
23-Jan-2020Zone(D)-36 Promotion Order from Certified Welder to Foreman Welding/Welder (221760) 23-Jan-2020
22-Jan-2020Zone(T)-218 Clarification for joining of JE Sub Station recruited under CRA 286/15 22-Jan-2020
22-Jan-2020Zone(D)-35 Posting & Transfer Order of 03 No. Technical Employees 22-Jan-2020
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