CAO Revenue (Office Orders And Circular)

Chief Engineer/IT (Office Orders And Circulars)

Dy. CAO Pension And Funds


Dy. Secy Establishment-1

Dy. Secy. General (Circulars And Office Orders)

Principal\TTI (Office Orders of Training/Workshops)

Dy. Secy. Services-1 (Circulars And Office Orders)

Dy. Secy. Zones

Chief Accounts Officer

Chief Auditor(Office Orders)

Financial Advisor(Office Orders And Circulars)

Sr. XEN\ODMD ( Office Orders of Trainings/Workshops)

Dy. Secy. Services-2

Dy. Secy. Services-3

AO/GST (Office Orders And Circulars)

CE/Commercial 2023

Chief Admin And IR

Chief Auditor(Posting And Transfer)

Dy. Secy Establishment-1(Dept. Promotion Particulars)

CE/GHTP Lehra Mohabbat (Fly Ash Stock Position)

Dy. Secy. Services-1 (Seniority List)

Dy. Secy. Services-1 (Posting Transfer)

Zones2 (Office Orders and circulars)

Dy. Secy Personnel(Posting Transfer)

SE Power Regulations (List of CPPs/CGPs)

Dy. Secy Establishment-1(Office Orders And Circulars)

LEGAL ADVISOR (Advocates On PSPCL Panel)

Dy. Secy. Zones2