AO/GST (Office Orders And Circulars)
- 21-Mar-2023 109-109 Regarding issue of U-Cheques for GST deposited for the month of February 2023

- 21-Mar-2023 78-78 Excel file regarding U-cheques for February 2023 (w.r.t. memo no. 109 dated 21/03/2023)

Chief Accounts Officer
- 21-Mar-2023 CFO-2210 Regarding Earned / Ex- India / Maternity Leaves of DA, RA, ARA, AAO/ Accounts, AAO/ Revenue

CE/Commercial 2023
- 21-Mar-2023 Memo 333-63 PSERC Electricity Supply Code-5th Amendment regarding use of material for LD system (Addendum-16)

- 21-Mar-2023 Order No-56 Granting of Feasibility Clearance by Dy.CE/PBIP through Invest Punjab Business First Online Portal.

Dy. Secy Establishment-1(Office Orders And Circulars)
- 21-Mar-2023 ENG-1-213 Regarding retirement order of Smt. Palwinder Kaur, Sr.Asstt.

Dy. Secy Establishment-1
- 21-Mar-2023 ENG-I-116 Posting & Transfer orders of Sh. Raman Garg, UDC(ID:309252)

Principal\TTI (Office Orders of Training/Workshops)
- 21-Mar-2023 TTI 1140-86 Relieving Order JE-SS Batch-09 ( 20.02.2023 to 21.03.2023) from TTI Patiala

- 21-Mar-2023 TTI 1216-85 4 Weeks Induction Training of JE- Elect.from 28.03.2023 to 28.04.2023 at TTI Patiala

Dy. Secy. Services-2
- 17-Mar-2023 BEG-II-26 Premature Retirement Order Er. Jasvir Jeet Bali AEE (Code No.110251)

Dy. Secy. Zones
- 21-Mar-2023 ZONES-I-86 Posting & Transfer of 2 no. Technical employees

- 21-Mar-2023 ZONES-I-85 Posting & Transfer order of Sh. Rupinder Surjan,JE (310997)

- 17-Mar-2023 1219-1237 Amendment no. 33/2022-23/ Mohali/South Zone

Dy. Secy. General (Circulars And Office Orders)
- 20-Mar-2023 Gen-1-9904 Corporate Transport Policy of PSPCL

CE/GHTP Lehra Mohabbat (Fly Ash Stock Position)
- 20-Mar-2023 480-39 Details of ash utilization during the month of Feb-2023

Chief Engineer Metering(Metering Updates)
- 20-Mar-2023 0-6 Amendment in O/o No. 05/MCJ35 Dated 17-03-2023 -LAB ATTENDANT TO TEST MECHANIC PROMOTION ORDERS

Dy. Secy. Zones2
- 20-Mar-2023 ZONES-II-9 Promotion orders from ALM to LM

CE/ARR/Tariff Petition
- 17-Mar-2023 ARR-265-380 Petition No. 74 of 2022- Reply to Deficiencies.

Chief Engineer/IT (Office Orders And Circulars)
- 15-Mar-2023 786-823 Regarding use of PSPCL domain based email ids for official communication

Chief Auditor(Office Orders)
- 17-Mar-2023 CA-1324 Tour Programme of Pension Cases

Dy. Secy Personnel(Office Orders)
- 17-Mar-2023 Cadre-1-877 Conversion of JE/Elec (Supernumerary Post) to JE/Elec from DS Div East Pta to DS S/D Shutrana

Dy. Secy. Services-1 (Circulars And Office Orders)
- 17-Mar-2023 BEG-6-51 Regarding Condition Removal order of Er.Jaspal Singh Paul Sr.Xen 109034

CE/GHTP Lehra Mohhabat (Posting And Transfer)

- 17-Mar-2023 100-100 Suspension order of Amit Kaushal UDC

- 17-Mar-2023 99-99 Suspension order of Sikander Singh AAE

- 17-Mar-2023 98-98 Suspension order of Baljit Singh AJE

- 17-Mar-2023 97-97 Suspension order of Bhupinder Singh JE

- 14-Mar-2023 2155-2847 Regarding Option Letters for posting against JE Testing under various ME Labs of Metering Org

- 14-Mar-2023 1462-2154 Regarding Option Letters for posting against Test Mechanic under various ME Labs of Metering Org

- 16-Mar-2023 Conf-10358 Amendment in Seniority list of ALM Employees Period up to 31.12.2010

Financial Advisor(Office Orders And Circulars)
- 16-Mar-2023 00-0 Status of subsidy upto 15.03.2023

LEGAL ADVISOR (Advocates On PSPCL Panel)
- 16-Mar-2023 750-915 Regarding LPA no. 95 of 2019 titled as PSPCL Vs Surinder Singh and connected cases -PTS matter

- 16-Mar-2023 -41 Empanelment of Ms. Manjit Kaur as Junior Advocate at District Court Chandigarh

- 16-Mar-2023 -40 Empanelment of Mr. Yashwant Rai Puri as Senior Advocate at District Court Fazlika

- 16-Mar-2023 -39 Empanelment of Mr. Harmanjeet Singh as Junior Advocate at District Court Patiala

- 16-Mar-2023 -38 Empanelment of Sh. Surinder S Makkar as Senior Advocate at Civil Court Jalalabad

Sr. XEN\ODMD ( Office Orders of Trainings/Workshops)
- 14-Mar-2023 TTI-1058 Public Notice (Pbi) relating to graduate/technician apprenticeship (session 2023-24)

- 14-Mar-2023 TTI-1058 Public Notice (eng) relating to graduate/technician apprenticeship (session 2023-24)

Office Orders Related To Apprentice Lineman
- 14-Mar-2023 TTI-1058-2 syllabus for the exam of Apprenticeship in Lineman Trade against Notification No.01 dated 24.02.23

Dy. CAO Pension And Funds
- 11-Mar-2023 --1 Urgent information required from all HODs PSPCL- CWP 2654 Of 2023