CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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16-Oct-2019CFO-841 Transfer Order of RA 16-Oct-2019
15-Oct-2019CFO-838 Transfer Order of RA 15-Oct-2019
14-Oct-2019CFO-9519 Reminder Reg. Panel for Promotion from RA to AAO Revenue 14-Oct-2019
11-Oct-2019CFO-822 Additional Charge to Divisional Accountant 11-Oct-2019
07-Oct-2019CFO-814 Amendment in O/o No.763 Dated. 16.09.19 07-Oct-2019
07-Oct-2019CFO-813 Posting Order of RA 07-Oct-2019
07-Oct-2019CFO-812 Posting order of Smt. Paramjeet Kaur RA after Ex-India Leave 07-Oct-2019
03-Oct-2019CFO-810 Transfer Order of RA 03-Oct-2019
03-Oct-2019CFO-806 Retirement Order of Sh. Vinod Kumar RA 03-Oct-2019
01-Oct-2019CFO-802 Transfer Order of AAO Accounts 01-Oct-2019
27-Sep-2019CFO-9246 Reg. Panel for Promotion from RA to AAO Revenue 27-Sep-2019
26-Sep-2019CFO-792 Amendment in O/o No.792 Dated 25.09.19 26-Sep-2019
25-Sep-2019CFO-791 Transfer Order of 2 No. RA 25-Sep-2019
23-Sep-2019CFO-783 Transfer order of DA 23-Sep-2019
23-Sep-2019CFO-782 Transfer Order of ARA 23-Sep-2019
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