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31-Jan-2021ARR-262-1040 Public Notice regarding ARR Petition No. 45, for FY 2021-22 01-Jan-2021
21-Jan-2021ARR-262-103 Tariff Proposal and Tariff related issues 25-Jan-2021
19-Jan-2021ARR-262-3 Correspondence Exchanged between PSPCL & PSERC 19-Jan-2021
15-Jan-2021ARR-262 -70 Reply to Deficiencies dated 15.01.2021 19-Jan-2021
04-Jan-2021ARR-262-18 REPLY TO DEFICIENCIES PARA 2 and 3 07-Jan-2021
04-Jan-2021ARR-262-18 ANNEXURES OF REPLY TO DEFICIENCIES PARA 2 and 3 07-Jan-2021
23-Dec-2020ARR-262-1036 Annexures relating reply to deficiencies vide Memo No. 1036 dt. 23.12.2020 07-Jan-2021
23-Dec-2020ARR-262-1036 Reply to Deficiencies dated 23.12.2020 31-Dec-2020
01-Dec-2020ARR-262-985 Financial Statements for FY 2019-20 Vol -III 31-Dec-2020
01-Dec-2020ARR-262-985 Power Purchase Bills-Vol II 31-Dec-2020
01-Dec-2020ARR-262-985 ARR Petition No. 45 of 2020-Main Text and Formats- Vol I 31-Dec-2020
23-Mar-2020ARR-256 Correspondence exchanged between PSPCL & PSERC. 12-May-2020
18-Mar-2020ARR-256-5 Reply to Obj. No.30 (Complete) and Reply to Obj. No.39, 40, 41 & 42 19-Mar-2020
09-Mar-2020ARR-256-457 Comments of CAG of India on Financial Statements of PSPCL for the year ended 31st March 2019. 18-Mar-2020
06-Mar-2020ARR-256-7 Reply to Obj. No. 9 ( issue no.5), 10, 11 (issue no. 7), 17( point no. 5), 26,31,32, 33, 34 & 38 11-Mar-2020
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