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15-Oct-2019memo1107-11 Regarding processing of PSPCL cases on Invest Punjab Business First Portal of District Level. 15-Oct-2019
15-Oct-2019CC-54-2019 Levy of Additional Surcharge on the Open Access Consumers for the period 01.10.19 to 31.03.20 15-Oct-2019
14-Oct-2019Memo1844-1848 Clarification regarding eligibility criteria of One Time Settlement Scheme 14-Oct-2019
25-Sep-2019CC53-2019 Shifting of Lines/Poles during Road Construction on National Highways 25-Sep-2019
24-Sep-2019Memo1790-98 Extension in OTS for Rural Water Supply Connections 25-Sep-2019
24-Sep-2019CC51-2019 Amendment in competency for extension in time period of Demand Notice for AP connections 24-Sep-2019
24-Sep-2019CC-52-2019 Levy of Additional Surcharge on the Open Access Consumers for the period 01.04.19 to 30.09.19 24-Sep-2019
16-Sep-2019memo1032-36 Regarding connections applied on Single Window System 16-Sep-2019
10-Sep-2019memo521-525 Clarification of AP VDS Scheme issued vide 45/2019 10-Sep-2019
10-Sep-2019Memo526-530 Publicity of VDS Schemes for DS, NRS and AP Consumers issued Vide CC 44/2019 and 45/2019 10-Sep-2019
09-Sep-2019CC50-2019 Replacement/Augmentation of Transformers under STF, OYT and ARTC Scheme 10-Sep-2019
06-Sep-2019memo495-499 Punjabi traslation -memo no. 495/499 dt 06.09.2019 for AP consumer representative in VDS Scheme 11-Sep-2019
06-Sep-2019memo495-499 Clarification regarding consideration of Consumer Representative in VDS launched vide CC 45/2019 06-Sep-2019
05-Sep-2019CC49-2019 Charges for shifting of 11 kV HT LT lines passing over/along the buildings 05-Sep-2019
05-Sep-2019CC48-2019 Committees framed to decide cases of refund pertaining to audited period. 05-Sep-2019
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