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18-Jul-2019Memo731-735 Order of GoP to conduct capacity building workshops for implementing 2nd Phase of DBTE scheme 18-Jul-2019
15-Jul-2019memo1288-92 Clarification of ESIM-2018 Instruction 39.1- Recovery of Charges for shifting of PSPCL lines 16-Jul-2019
15-Jul-2019CC38-2019 Regarding Change in Billing Cycle of all consumers having SCD greater than 100 kVA 15-Jul-2019
15-Jul-2019CC37-2019 Amendment in Instructions for operating SAP software by concerned Divn/S.divn. 15-Jul-2019
10-Jul-2019Memo-374-379 Temporary connection for running of Site offices,Sample flats,Sales & marketing offices in colonies. 10-Jul-2019
09-Jul-2019memo325-331 Extension in Load by AP Consumer Representative 09-Jul-2019
05-Jul-2019CC36-2019 Shifting of lines/ poles during road construction of 4 laning/ BOT (major works) on National Highway 05-Jul-2019
05-Jul-2019CC35-2019 Amendment in Agreement Format for hiring of Poles of PSPCL by Cable TV Operators 05-Jul-2019
28-Jun-2019CC-34-2019 Grant of electricity concession of 300 units per month to Freedom Fighters of Punjab. 28-Jun-2019
27-Jun-2019memo311-317 AP Policy Guidelines for out of turn release of AP connections under AP metered category 28-Jun-2019
27-Jun-2019CC33-2019 Regarding Rationalization of squads under Enforcement Organization--Amendment in ESIM-2018 27-Jun-2019
26-Jun-2019memo300-304 instructions regarding borewells while release/shifting of tubewell connection 26-Jun-2019
18-Jun-2019Memo-327 NOC Colonies (PSERC-5th Amdt)- use of material for LD system,Procedure for inspection & issue of DTs 19-Jun-2019
13-Jun-2019CC-32-2019 OTS scheme for all categories of consumer (except A.P.) 13-Jun-2019
11-Jun-2019Memo1111-15 Regarding speedy implementation of one Time settlement Scheme for Rural Water Supply Connections 11-Jun-2019
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