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04-Jul-201915-2019 Opening of new account code for making provision. 04-Jul-2019
03-Jul-201914-2019 Opening of new account code for booking of interest. 04-Jul-2019
03-Jul-201913-2019 Accounting of Payment of Bonus for the years 2018 19 under The Payment of Bonus Amendment Act 2015 04-Jul-2019
19-Jun-201912-2019 Non closure of capital works of large amount within time. 19-Jun-2019
14-Jun-201911-2019 Regarding opening of new account Codes under main code 53.5 14-Jun-2019
24-May-201910-2019 Regarding opening of New Codes 24-May-2019
21-May-20199-2019 Regarding Opening of New Account Codes 21-May-2019
07-May-201908-2019 Regarding change in account heads 07-May-2019
05-Apr-201907-2019 Regarding opening of new account head for Lease money received 05-Apr-2019
05-Apr-201906-2019 Regarding opening of new account code for installation of Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant. 05-Apr-2019
18-Mar-201905-2019 Regarding opening of new code 18-Mar-2019
18-Feb-201904-2019 Opening of new codes for Accumulated Depreciation. 18-Feb-2019
29-Jan-201903-2019 Booking of employees cost to Capital Works for the year 2018-19. 29-Jan-2019
28-Jan-201902-2019 regarding opening of separate location code for AO/Banking Monitoring 28-Jan-2019
28-Jan-201901-2019 Introduction of Time of Day (TOD) tariff for NRS/BS consumers. 28-Jan-2019
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