CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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15-Oct-2019ENG-1-621 Posting and transfer orders of Sh. Jasbir Singh, P.A. 15-Oct-2019
09-Oct-2019ENG-4-282 Promotion/Posting and transfer orders from Peon to Hawaldar. 09-Oct-2019
07-Oct-2019ENG-1-610 Posting and transfer orders of 1 No. Senior Asstt. 07-Oct-2019
01-Oct-2019ENG-1-606 Posting and transfer orders of Sh.Karamjit Siingh, Senior Asstt. 01-Oct-2019
23-Sep-2019ENG-4-273 In continuation of O/O No. 376 dated 02.07.2014-Reg. posting order of Smt. Lakhvir Kaur, LDC. 23-Sep-2019
20-Sep-2019ENG-1-598 Postting and transfer orders of Sh. Jaswinder Singh, Senior Asstt. 20-Sep-2019
20-Sep-2019ENG-1-597 Posting and transfer orders of Sh. Vikram Sareen, Senior Asstt. 20-Sep-2019
19-Sep-2019ENG-1-591 Reg.promotion for-go order of Smt. Sukhwinder Kaur, Senior Asstt.(Sen.No. 1789) 19-Sep-2019
12-Sep-2019ENG-1-8906 Certificate of ACRs of NGE for the year 2018-19. 12-Sep-2019
06-Sep-2019ENG-4-257 Posting and transfer orders of 1 No. S/Typist(Emp. I.D. NO. 288875). 06-Sep-2019
05-Sep-2019ENG-4-256 Posting and transfer orders of 2 No. Havaldars and 1 No. Peon. 05-Sep-2019
05-Sep-2019ENG-1-19 In continuation of o/o no. 409 dt. 20.6.19-Reconstitution of Committ.reg.CWP No.28629 of 2017Decisio 06-Sep-2019
28-Aug-2019SECRET-8244 Submission of ACR certificate for Non Gazetted staff by 10.9.2019 28-Aug-2019
28-Aug-2019ENG-1-542 Posting orders of Sh. Gurveer Singh UDC after EL 28-Aug-2019
28-Aug-2019ENG-1-541 posting orders of Smt Davinderjit Kaur JSS after Ex India leave 28-Aug-2019
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