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16-Oct-2019-133 Emp of M. S. Dhillon as Sr Adv at Distt Court Patiala & Puja Sharma as Jr Adv at Distt Court Sangrur 16-Oct-2019
14-Oct-2019-3030 Regarding posting of Smt. Harneet Kaur in office of Honble AG/pb. 14-Oct-2019
11-Oct-2019-132 Emp. of Sh. Darshan Singh at Distt Court Pathankot as Jr. Adv. 11-Oct-2019
09-Oct-2019-3016 Reminder regarding Pending Civil Original Contempt Proceedings COCPs 09-Oct-2019
09-Oct-2019-131 Emp of Sh. Harkirat Singh Dhaliwal from Jr. Adv. to Sr. Adv at Distt. Court Patiala 09-Oct-2019
04-Oct-2019-131 Emp of Sh. Vishal Goyal as Jr. Adv at Distt Court Mansa 04-Oct-2019
04-Oct-2019-130 Emp. of Mrs. Sumanpreet Aulakh as Jr. Adv at Pb and Haryana High Court 04-Oct-2019
04-Oct-2019-129 Emp of Adv Sh. Kabir Bahlas Jr. Adv at Distt Court Gurdadpur 04-Oct-2019
01-Oct-2019-128 Emp. of Pushpinder Singh as Jr. Adv. at Distt. Court Patiala 01-Oct-2019
30-Sep-2019-127 Emp. of Ashok Gagneja at Fazilka as Jr. Adv. and Hardeep Singh as Sr. Adv at Civil Court Amloh 30-Sep-2019
23-Sep-2019-2914 List of Pending Civil Original Contempt Proceedings 23-Sep-2019
23-Sep-2019-0 Implementation of High Court order dt. 27.3.18 to avoid COCPs 23-Sep-2019
20-Sep-2019-126 Emp of Jaspreet S. at Ldh, Harsukchain S. at Sangrur and Davinder P. at Asr as Jr.Advs 20-Sep-2019
18-Sep-2019-125 Emp of Sh. Abhilaksh Gaind as Junior Adv at Pb & Hry. HC 18-Sep-2019
10-Sep-2019-124 Emp. of Sh. Jasdeep Singh Walia as Sr. Adv at Pb and Hry. HC 10-Sep-2019
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