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09-Sep-201906-2019 Amendment in-The Punjab Recruitment of Ex-Servicemen Rules 1982 Para-8-B 09-Sep-2019
12-Jun-201905-2019 Amendments in Regulations of Ministerial Class-III and Service of Stenographers Class-III 12-Jun-2019
30-May-201904-2019 To insert the post of Foreman Poclain Operator in Technical Services Class-III Regulation 1996 Reg.9 30-May-2019
21-May-20193974-4823 Instruct to avoid correspondece regarding clarification/opinion/ justification etc. 21-May-2019
23-Apr-201903-2019 Regarding Amendments in Departmental Examinations Regulations 23-Apr-2019
26-Feb-201902-2019 Amendments in various service regulations regarding Probation Period 26-Feb-2019
29-Jan-201901-2019 Regd. AAE/Testing & Communication in Technical Services Class-III Regulaton 1996, Reg. No.9 Sr. No.8 29-Jan-2019
22-Nov-201806-2018 Amendment in Technical Services Class-III 1996 Reg. 9 Sr. No.7 Page 11 22-Nov-2018
05-Sep-201805-2018 Regarding Medical Advance for Major Cancer Treatment 05-Sep-2018
29-Aug-20181061-2018 Amendment in Technical Services Class-III Regulation 1996, Reg. No.9 Sr. No.5 29-Aug-2018
13-Jul-201803-2018 Amendment in PSEB Ministerial Services Class-III Regulation 1985-Regulation 8.4 13-Jul-2018
13-Jun-201802-2018 Amendment in different PSPCL Regulations w.r.t. proviso of probation period as per Pb. Govt. inst. 13-Jun-2018
04-Jan-2018-1059 Amendment in PSEB Accounts Services Class-III Regulation,1991 Regulation-8(A)(3) Page- No.11 08-Jan-2018
07-Dec-2017-1058 Amendment in PSEB Accounts Services Class-III Regulations,1991 Reg.8(A)Proviso(iii) Page-17/18 07-Dec-2017
22-Nov-2017-1057 Addition in Sr. No.59 (59-c) page No. 50 in PSEB DOP 22-Nov-2017
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