CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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DatedOrderNoSubjectUploaded On
20-Oct-202208-2022 MOD based on August 2022 20-Oct-2022
20-Oct-2022OA-09-2022 Petition No. 61 of 2022 20-Oct-2022
20-Oct-202207-2022 MOD based on July 2022 20-Oct-2022
20-Oct-202209-2022 MOD based on September 2022 20-Oct-2022
08-Aug-202206-2022 MOD based on June 2022 08-Aug-2022
17-Jun-202203-2022 MOD based on March 2022 17-Jun-2022
17-Jun-202204-2022 MOD based on April 2022 17-Jun-2022
13-May-2022OA-08-2022 Petition No. 16 of 2022 13-May-2022
12-Apr-20222-2022 MOD based on Feb 2022 12-Apr-2022
15-Mar-202201-2022 MOD based on January 2022 15-Mar-2022
14-Mar-202207-2022 Public Notice w.r.t. Petition no.7 of 2022 14-Mar-2022
14-Mar-20227-2022 Power Cut Petition no.7 of 2022 14-Mar-2022
17-Jan-202211-2021 MOD based on Nov 2021 17-Jan-2022
31-Dec-202120-2021 Tender Enquiry For Procurement of Energy For 1st February 2022 to 30th April 2022 31-Dec-2021
30-Dec-202119-2021 Tender Enquiry For Procurement of Renewable Energy (Non-Solar) For 10th June 22 to 30th Sep 22 31-Dec-2021
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