CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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DatedOrderNoSubjectUploaded On
02-Sep-20207-2020 Tender Enquiry For Procurement of Energy - PPR-07/2020 02-Sep-2020
01-Sep-20207-2020 MOD based on July 2020 01-Sep-2020
31-Jul-20206-2020 MOD based on June 2020 03-Aug-2020
24-Jul-2020OA-02-2020 Public Notice of Petition no. 06 of 2020 for determination of Additional Surcharge 24-Jul-2020
18-Jul-2020OA-01-2020 Revised Annexures of Petition No. 06 of 2020 18-Jul-2020
02-Jul-20205-2020 MOD based on May 2020 02-Jul-2020
30-May-202004-2020 MOD based on April 2020 30-May-2020
01-May-202003-2020 MOD based on March 2020 05-May-2020
01-Apr-202006-30032020 Notice under Force Majeure clause to Centre Sector Thermal and Hydro Generating Stations 01-Apr-2020
01-Apr-202003-2020 Annexure-B to notice 01-Apr-2020
01-Apr-202003-2020 Annexure-A 01-Apr-2020
01-Apr-202002-2020 MOD based on Feb 2020 01-Apr-2020
30-Mar-2020ISB3-4 Notice Under Force Majeure Clause to Solar & Wind Plants 01-Apr-2020
30-Mar-2020ISB3-3 Notice Under Force Majeure Clause to Biogas Plants 01-Apr-2020
30-Mar-2020ISB3-2 Notice Under Force Majeure Clause to Mini/Micro Hydel Plants 01-Apr-2020
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