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14-Oct-2019TTI-1140-247 Relieving Oder SSA Induction Training Batch No 4 14-Oct-2019
11-Oct-2019zkc-1048 5 days training on PROTECTION from 14-10-2019 at ZKC AMRITSAR 11-Oct-2019
10-Oct-2019TTI-1161-246 5 Days refresher course for AAE/JE From 21.10.19 to 25.10.19 11-Oct-2019
30-Sep-2019zkc-1000 5 days training on protection from 7-10-2019 at ZKC AMRITSAR 04-Oct-2019
30-Sep-2019TTI1016-5070 Free Medical Check-Up Camp on 03.10.19 by Patiala Heart Institute at TTI, PSPCL Patiala 01-Oct-2019
30-Sep-2019TTI-1161-235 Relieving Order of ALM Induction Training Batch No 9 30-Sep-2019
27-Sep-2019zkc-970 one month training from 1.10.2019 to 31.10.2019 at ZKC AMRITSAR 27-Sep-2019
25-Sep-2019264-12 TRAINING OF ALM ZKC,BATHINDA DT 03.10.19 TO 31.10.19 25-Sep-2019
24-Sep-2019ZKC-LDH-171 Regular LM/ALM/RTM/OC Training Batch from 01 to 31 Oct.. 2019 at ZKC Sarabha Nagar Ldh. 24-Sep-2019
23-Sep-2019-10 Regular batch 229 L.M/A.L.M/R.T.M FROM 01.10.19 TO 31.10.19 AT ZKC JALANDHAR 23-Sep-2019
20-Sep-2019zkc-934 5 days training on safety from 23-9-2019 at ZKC AMRITSAR 20-Sep-2019
20-Sep-2019TTI1016-4889 Health Awareness Talk/Check-Up OPD for PSPCL Employees on 24.09.19 by Amar Hospital at TTI Patiala 20-Sep-2019
20-Sep-2019TTI1016-231 Visit to LoRa WAN Matering Project at IIT Gandhinagar 20-Sep-2019
20-Sep-2019TTI-800-234 Training program on Data Analytics by NTPC on Sep 24-25, 2019 at PMI Noida 20-Sep-2019
19-Sep-2019TTI-1161-233 4 week in-house induction training for ALM, LM from 03.10.19 to 04.11.19 at TTI Patiala. 19-Sep-2019
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