CIN No.: U40109PB2010SGC033813

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12-Dec-2019BEGII-384 Additional charge of the Post of Cost Controller 12-Dec-2019
12-Dec-2019BEGII-383 Posting and Transfer of AOs 12-Dec-2019
11-Dec-2019BEGII-376 Amendment in the O/o No. 363 dt 28.11.19 11-Dec-2019
10-Dec-2019BEGII-374 Amendment in the O/o No. 357 dt 21.11.19 11-Dec-2019
09-Dec-2019BEGII-371 Wave of the condition of ACR Sh Bhushan Kumar, CAO 09-Dec-2019
06-Dec-2019BEGII-7859 Continuation in service after age of 50/55 years 06-Dec-2019
05-Dec-2019BEGII-367 Promotion/Regular Scale of AO 05-Dec-2019
04-Dec-2019BEGII-377 Continuation of O/o No. 278 dt 17.09.19 13-Dec-2019
29-Nov-2019BEGII-365 Retirement Order of the month of December 19 02-Dec-2019
28-Nov-2019BEGII-363 Posting & Transfer of AO 28-Nov-2019
27-Nov-2019BEGII-7687 Continuation in service after age of 50/55 years 27-Nov-2019
21-Nov-2019BEGII-359 Promotion & Transfer of Sr. Chemist to DY Chief Chemist 21-Nov-2019
21-Nov-2019BEGII-357 Promotion/Regular Scale of AO 21-Nov-2019
21-Nov-2019BEGII-356 Promotion of Sr. AO to Dy CAO 21-Nov-2019
21-Nov-2019BEGII-355 Posting & Transfer of CAO 21-Nov-2019
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