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16-Oct-2019Zone(T)-300 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Jatinder Kumar SSA (208300) 16-Oct-2019
16-Oct-2019Zone(T)-299 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Mohan Joshi JE (317655) & Sh. Chhinder Pal Singh Kaler JE (238173) 16-Oct-2019
15-Oct-2019Zone(T)-298 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Lovpreet Singh JE (316857) 15-Oct-2019
15-Oct-2019Zone(T)-297 Amendment in o/o 100 dt. 9.3.19 Sh. Atma Singh AAE (277021) 15-Oct-2019
15-Oct-2019Zone(T)-296 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Gurmeet Singh Bagri AAE 15-Oct-2019
15-Oct-2019Zone(T)-295 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Jagdev Singh ALM (325808) 15-Oct-2019
15-Oct-2019Zone(T)-294 Posting & Transfer Order of 02 No. Technical Employees 15-Oct-2019
15-Oct-2019Zone(T)-293 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Pardeep Singh JE (317472) 15-Oct-2019
15-Oct-2019Zone(C)M2-84 Regarding Reinstate order of Sh Desh Raj LDC 277843 15-Oct-2019
15-Oct-2019Zone(C)M2-83 Posting and transfer order of Sh.Sarbjit Singh, LDC 15-Oct-2019
11-Oct-2019Zone(T)-292 Regularization of promotion of Sh. Balwant Singh AAE 11-Oct-2019
11-Oct-2019Zone(T)-291 Posting of Sh. Baresh Saini Meter Reader After Ex-India Leave 11-Oct-2019
11-Oct-2019Zone(T)-290 Posting & Transfer Order of Sh. Yadwinder Singh Meter Reader (230375) 11-Oct-2019
10-Oct-2019Zone(T)-9678 Promotion Particular & disciplinary cases for the promotion of JE to AAE (Defer/Ignore/Sealed Cover) 10-Oct-2019
10-Oct-2019Zone(T)-289 Promotion Order of Sh. Naresh Kumar Deepak from JE/Commn. to AAE/Commn. 10-Oct-2019
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